Ivyleap is the quiet and generous medicine cat of FoxClan. She is made by Cleverpelt

Ivyleap's AppearanceEdit

Ivyleap is a black she-cat with a soft grey underbelly with sapphire blue eyes. She is quiet and self-contained. She is mysterious and usually doesn't show any emotion.

Ivyleap's HistoryEdit

As a Kit:Edit

When Ivyleap was a kit, she wouldn't spend anytime in the nursery. She would be in the medicine cat den, begging Liontail to take her herb collecting. That's the only time she would talk. Her mother, Blossomcloud, was worried she was born unable to speak.

As an Apprentice:Edit

When Ivyleap became an apprentice, she wouldn't train. Rainstar asked her if she wanted to be a medicine cat apprentice. Ivyleap (paw) said yes. Liontail asked her questions and she answered them quietly. She worked diligently, usually uninterrupted. She went to sleep early.

As a Medicine Cat:Edit

Liontail died soon after Ivyleap became a full medicine cat. She showed no emotion but was crying on the inside. When she goes to Star Cavern to share tongues with StarClan at the Moonrock, she leaves a little earlier than the other medicine cats. She saved her Clan from a huge Greencough infection.

As a Mentor:Edit

Windpaw got apprenticed to Ivyleap and she learned the herbs very quickly. Though she didn't show it, Ivyleap hoped to train Windheart as long as she will live.