Ivypool TerraClan
Clan(s) TerraClan
Basic Info
Parents Polarfrost and Willowfall
Litter-Mate(s) Coalclaw, and Stripeface
Mate(s) None (Because she is a Medicine Cat.)
Children None
Mentor(s) Greenfrost
Apprentice(s) None


Ivypool was Polarfrost's and Willowfall's first kit. She was their first litter and was the only cat in the litter. Coalclaw and Stripeface are her kin but not necssarily her litter-mates.Polarfrost was filled with joy at the hope of another deputy in his family. He liked to tell Ivypool stories of great warriors and how he wanted her to be next deputy. She pretended to enjoy them but was fascinated by Medicine Cats, not deputies. She wanted to become a great Medicine Cat and helped Greenfrost when Polarfrost was out om patrols. She loved her father very much and wanted to please him but, for her own happiness, she couldn't become deputy.

Medicine Cat ApprenticeEdit

Without telling her father, she snuck away to talk with Dragonstar while Polarfrost was on a patrol. She told him that she wanted to have Greenfrost as her mentor and to become a Medicine Cat apprentice. Dragonstar agreed to her request. Later that day, her ceremony was held. Her father was extremely proud and couldn't wait to see who her mentor would be. Dragonstar went through the old ceremonial speech and she agreed to everything. When Greenfrost was her chosen mentor, Polarfrost was crestfallen. He walked for moons to come with this heavy burden on his shoulders. Anyway, Greenfrost trained her in the ways of a Medicine Cat. He showed her all the different herbs and berries and how to treat other cats. He sent her on missions to collect herbs. After 18 moons of hard, boring training, Greenfrost gave her her full name.

Full Medicine CatEdit

One night before they went to sleep, Greenfrost told her that he was going to give her her full name. She was extremely excited. Greenfrost went through all the old ceremonial procedures and then gave her the name of Ivypool. She was excited and continued to be an excellent Medicine Cat. The next day she told Polarfrost. He pretended to be happy, but inside he felt extremely sad. Mainly because he knew that it was to late for her to change her mind and become a warrior. Either way, she was a great Medicine Cat.

Medicine CatEdit

When Greenfrost was killed by an adder on a herb-collecting mission, Ivypool was forced to take on the role of full and only Medicine Cat. She was crestfallen about her dead mentor, but carried on smoothly and continued to serve her sick Clanmates with efficient care. She's been only Medicine Cat ever since Greenfrost's death. She has not yet taken on an apprentice of her own.


Ivypool is a gray she-cat with a black and gray banded tail and sharp green eyes.