Founders Junglestar, Uacariface, Willowheart, Vipertooth, Scarredface, Ruggedtrail, Rainsplash and Tigerstrike
Current Stats
Current Leader Junglestar
Current Deputy Vipertooth
Current Medicine Cat Willowheart

Role Playing is closed till farther notice, JungleClan is not taking in anymore role playing cats.

JungleClan is the fourth Role Playing Clan. Thier rivals are MetalClan. JungleClan cats are great climbers and are used to wet raining wet. They usually have bright colored pelts or earth tones pelts like reds, oranges, browns, peachs and usually are tabbies, spotted or patches. White, grays and black cats are very rare. JungleClan cats are most often named after after plants and animals that live in the jungle. These cats most often hunt in the trees than on the ground. They spend more time in the trees then on the ground and can swim. These cats are more immuned to posionous plants.

If you wish to join, please read the Role Play Rules. Then please leave a Message on Aniju Aura's user talk about your joining and who who are. Once you receave a respond then and only then place your character in the proper place below.

The Role Play Center for JungleClan is Tropical Warriors.


The Leader is Junglestar.


The deputy is Uacariface.

Medicine Cat

Willowheart is Medicine Cat.

JungleClan Members

Leader: Junglestar – a dark red and brown she-cat bright green eyes (Played by Aniju Aura)

Deputy: Vipertooth – a big dark red tom with a white chest (Played by Sir Rock) Apprentice Leopardpaw

Medicine Cat: Willowheart – a long hair blue she-cat with deep blue eyes (Played by Aniju Aura)

Warrior (Toms and she-cats without kits)

Bambooblade – a dark brown tabby tom with green eyes (This cat ia available)

Boafang – a light green tom and yellow eyes (This cat is available) Apprentice Pantherpaw

Baobabtail – big brown tabby tom with amber eyes (This cat is available) Aprintice Tigerpaw

Applespot – dark red she-cat with amber eyes (This cat is available)

Apprentice (More than six moons old training to become warrior)

Leopardpaw – a peach she-cat with blue eyes (This cat is available) Mentor Uacariface

Pantherpaw – a black tom with bright green eyes (This cat is available) Mentor Boafang

Tigerpaw – a ginger tom with green eyes (This cat is available) Mentor Baobabtail

Queens (She-cat expecting or nursing kits)

Bananaleaf – a hazel she-cat with blue eyes, Permanent Queen (This cat is available)

Elders (Retired toms and Queens)

Hawkpaw – a bright red she-cat with green eyes, currently living at David's house (Played by Aniju Aura)

Kits (Less than six moons)

Sprinklekit – a spoted gray she-cat with yellow eyes (Played by Aniju Aura)

Rainbowkit – rainbow-colored she-cat with sunset eyes. (This cat is available)

All Known Members

A list of cats who were born or joined in JungleClan.

Tigerstrike – ginger tom with black stripes

Duskmouse – small dusky brown she-cat with yellow eyes

Foxtail – a ginger she-cat with black paws and a white tipped tail

Rainsplash – dark blue she-cat

Reedberry– bright red she-cat with darker splotches

Kakoosong – light gray she-cat with a white underside and paws (Mother of Leapordpaw, Pantherpaw and Tigerpaw)

Uacariface – a dark bleu she cat with a bright ginger face. (Mother of Sprinklekit and Rainbowkit)  (Played by Sir Rock)


JungleClan's main rivals are MetalClan. Their other rivals are OceanClan, IceClan and WildClan.


JungleClan lives in a green rainy jungle. They hunt rats, mice, birds, lizards, fish and other small jungle animals. Their camp is located in, on and around a Great Tree. Clan meetings are held under the Great Spire. The Leader's den is located in a hollow above the Spire. The Medicine Cat's den is in a hallow located right to the Spire and occupies a large branch. The Warriors den in farther down in the trunk of the Tree. The apprentice's den is next to the Nursry, both in the base and surrounding trees and roots of the Great Tree. The Elders' den is located in another near by group of three trees. JungleClan's camp is surrounded by a shallow rivers system.

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