Junglestar JungleClan
Clan(s) JungleClan
Basic Info
Parents Leaf and Rain
Litter-Mate(s) Wild
Mate(s) Harley
Children Hawkpaw and Kakoopaw
Mentor(s) Rain
Apprentice(s) Reedberry and Bamboopaw

Junglestar is role played by Aniju Aura.


Jungle was born in the jungle as a dark red and brown she-cat bright green eyes, along with one brother name Wild. Her mother was Leaf and her father was Rain. They lived in a small group of cats but this was not a Clan. There was no warrior code but they did have a leader who was Rain. From a young age, Jungle love hr home just like her father and mother. Her father tought her how to fight and hunt. At a year of age, her parents were killed by rogue cats and her brother Wild disappeared. Jungle and the remaining cats of her group wondered around till she ment other cats who wanted to form Clans and bring order to the land. She formed JungleClan and was named Junglestar. The other cats were Uacariface, Willowheart, Vipertooth, Tigerstrike, Raggedtrail, Baobabtail and Bananaleaf helped form this Clan with her. Junglestar mated with a kittypt named Harley. Later she had two kits, Hawkpaw and Kakoopaw. She often visits her mate Harley when she need advice. She mentored Reedberry and her current apprentice is Bamboopaw. Junglestar is still leader of JungleClan today.


Mother: Leaf

Father: Rain

Brother: Wild

Mate: Harley

Daughters: Hawkpaw and Kakoopaw.