Founders Jeffery, Buddy, Rosanna
Current Stats
Current Leader Jeffery
Current Deputy Running Bear
Current Medicine Cat Buddy


KittyClan is owned by Smokestripe of FireClan, and should not be used without permission from the creator. Please do not create a character in this Clan.

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The first leader of the newly formed Clan is a strong, proud, and slightly disabled and older tom named Jeffery. He and his friends, Buddy and Rosanna, formed this soft, slightly lazy Clan together and he assumed the rank of leader. He rules with the heart of a true warrior, though is more disciplinary than may be needed. 


Running Bear was made the first ever pawstep of KittyClan under Jeffery's rule, and it was quite a surprising choice for the much younger, fitter tom. He is a wise paw

Remedy CatsEdit

KittyClan MembersEdit


Jeffery - large black-and-white tom with two missing fangs and green eyes

Trainee, Sebastian

Pawstep (equivilent to a deputy)

Running Bear - black tom with eyes that change between amber, gold, and green

Trainee, Cookie

Remedy Cat (equivilent of the medicine cat)

Buddy - somewhat plump white tom with a black dot on his nose and greenish-gold eyes

Warriors (toms, and she-cats without kits)

Rosanna - plump white she-cat with a short, stumpy tail and gold eyes
Flare - long-haired ginger tabby tom with gold eyes
Twilight - pretty tortoiseshell she-cat with deep blue eyes

Trainee, Fat Cat:Soren - long-haired gray tom with green eyes

Orion - ginger tabby tom with amber eyes
Fire - ginger tabby tom with green eyes
Mocha - mottled tortoiseshell she-cat with gold eyes flecked with green
Geordie - small wiry mottled brown tom with a white chest, belly, and paws, and green eyes
Spark - black-and-white tom with blue eyes
Hellboy - ginger tom with green eyes
Max - black-and-white tom with cloudy green eyes

Trainees (more than six moons old, training to to become warriors)

Cookie - wiry pale ginger tom with piercing blue eyes
Fat Cat - plump white tom with brown tabby patches and gold eyes
Sebastian - long-haired black-and-white tom with green eyes

Queens (she-cats expecting or nursing kits)

Angel - calico she-cat with gold eyes (expecting Jeffery's kits)
Chloe - black she-cat with gold eyes (mother of Spark's kits, Star and Flower)

Kits (fewer than six moons old)

Star - black-and-white she-cat with blue eyes
Flower - black-and-white she-cat with blue eyes

Elders (former warriors and queens

Heidi - frail-looking, old tortoiseshell she-cat with pale gold eyes
Silo - cranky gray tom with misty blue eyes

Former MembersEdit



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