Lady Leafpool and Squirrelflight is a spoof on the characters in the real Warriors series.

Lady Leafpool & Squirrelflight
Lady Leafpool's Album (fanfiction), ThunderClan's Got Talent (fanfiction)
Lady Leafpool
The Lady Gaga of Warriors, she is #1 on 'ThunderClan top 10'
The Beyonce of Warriors, also #1 on billboard charts
Greatest hits
Lady Leafpool: Crowfeather, Just Hunt, Kitty Face, Cat Romance, and Monster Squirrelflight: Sweet Dreams, and more


They originally dressed up for an April Fools joke, but got carried away and took it to far. Now they are doing lots of singing in their daily tasks, and earned the nicknames Lady Leafpool and Squirrelflight. "They were just trying to be funny..." they say, but ThunderClan knows the truth.

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