Larkwhisker, Windclan
Clan(s) Windclan (formerly),

Dark Forest

Rank Warrior, deceased
Basic Info
Parents Morningflower (mother), Boulderclaw (father)
Litter-Mate(s) Coyotekit (deceased, brother), Gipsy/Roseclaw (alive, sister, loner)
Mate(s) Maplefeather (Darkforest)
Children None
Larkwhisker is a tall, heavily muscled, massive brown tabby with a white belly stretching from his muzzle to to the end of his tail, with long, thick fur and a long, fluffy tail, and a triangular face. He has round, dull green eyes and long whiskers. His tabby patterns are somewhat random, and vary from light brown to darker browns. A long scar runs along the right side of his body, starting from his shoulder down to his thigh. He has sharp, chipped, thorn like claws and blunt teeth.


Larkwhisker was born to Morningflower, a white and ginger cat, and Boulderclaw, a dull brown cat, on a rather stressless Greenleaf, with his two siblings, Coyotekit, a brown tabby tom and Rosekit, a reddish orange tabby she-cat. For the first moons of his and his sibling's lives, they lived normally, with no shortages in medicine or prey. Unfortunately, on the forth moon, Coyotekit had ventured outside of the clan, much to the distress of Rosekit and Larkkit. Coyotekit had been venturing around the lake, where he had slipped in and drowned. Rosekit and Larkkit had been searching for him with their mother in tow, where they found him dangerously close to Thunderclan territory. Larkkit had thought that a Thunderclan cat had purposely drowned Coyotekit, and he developed a strong prejudice against Thunderclan.

Left somewhat bitter over the death of his brother, the two remaining cats went on to become Apprentices, where Rosepaw was being mentored by their father, Boulderclaw, who also happened to be deputy, and Larkpaw was mentored by Goosecloud, a senior warrior of the clan. Although Goosecloud did teach Larkpaw properly, Larkpaw still couldn't get over his almost unconditionable hatred for Thunderclan. Boulderclaw, however, was a very ambitious cat, and mostly taught Rosepaw fighting moves and leadership skills, while Goosecloud taught Larkpaw morals, wisdom and also fighting skills that find their origin in the very early days of the Clans.

During this time, a cat named Maplepaw had become a medicine cat apprentice. She too didn't like Thunderclan, but that may be only due to the fact that she had heard of the stories of cats like Tigerstar and Coyotekit's demise, and was simply following what she was told. Maplepaw and he got along very well, and sometimes lurked out of the clan territory to spy on other clans; even Thunderclan. During one of their adventures, they caught sight of a Thunderclan cat, revealed to be Redwind, stealing prey from Riverclan. They reported this to Onestar, the leader of Windclan, where he reported it at a gathering. Maplepaw and he soon decided to volunteer for border patrols, to see what Thunderclan got up to.

After they completed their Apprentice training, both Rosepaw and Larkpaw were promoted to Warriors, where Rosepaw was renamed Roseclaw, after her father, and Larkpaw became Larkwhisker. During the vigil, Larkwhisker spotted a Thunderclan cat talking to a Riverclan cat. Larkwhisker, skeptical, stalked closer to see what they were conversating about. Appearantly, they had become mates, and as he was an avid Warrior Code follower, he told Onestar about it the morning after. Onestar thanked him, but told him to stop sticking his nose into Thunderclan business.

Soon after, Maplepaw was promoted to Medicine cat, after the current one, Krestelflight, suffered an injury to his eyes and retired. Maplepaw, now Maplefeather, handled the new rank well, doing her duties accordingly and trying to never run out of stock. However, after a while, she became bitter again, and started to procrastinate, doing her duties lathargically. The only cat she healed properly was Larkwhisker, as they were close childhood friends, and she soon developed feelings for him. However, she held back, trying to be as good a medicine cat she could, even though she began to forget about her duties.

A few moons after Maplepaw was made Maplefeather, Roseclaw had asked Larkwhisker to see her at the border of Windclan territory. Larkwhisker was confused, but followed her never-the-less. When he got there, Roseclaw told Larkwhisker that she would be abandoning the clan for a group of loners, named The Strike Group, which lived near the broken twoleg nest near Thunderclan. Roseclaw told him that if he ever needed assistance, he would go there, ask the massive black tabby there called Stick to get Gipsy, and he would know what Larkwhisker would be talking about. Larkwhisker tried to make her not go, but she did in the end. Larkwhisker soon became cold, bitter and anti-social, talking to no one except Onestar and Maplefeather.

After Maplefeather and Larkwhisker had a conversation with eachother on how to get revenge on Thunderclan, they came to a conclusion to lie about them, and say that they had been plotting to take Windclan territory. However, in a strange turn of events, Onestar finds out that Thunderclan had actually been plotting this, and believed the two cats. Consequently, Onestar turned up to Thunderclan camp, where he confronted Bramblestar about it. Bramblestar tried to tell him that this had been a hoax, but was soon interrupted by a group of massive, battle scarred rogues, one of them almost everyone identified as Roseclaw, or Gipsy. Stick then told them that he had overhead Thunderclan meetings, and Onestar's deduction is indeed the truth. Soon after, battle broke out, with The Striker Group on Windclan's side.

Somehow, Boulderclaw had managed to go after Bramblestar, where he took two of his lives, firstly by slicing his neck open and secondly by ripping his stomach out, but was killed on the third attempt. Gipsy, angry that Bramblestar had killed her father, attacked Squirrelflight, and left her crippled in her leg, although no one knows how she did it. During the battle, Maplefeather got Larkwhisker, where they snuck into the Medicine cat den, and mauled Jayfeather to near death. Maplefeather collected deathberries, and contaminated both the medicine supply and the food supply. Larkwhisker noticed that Jayfeather was awake, and killed him, but not before telling him to not speak a word of this, or he'll come back for him in Starclan and rip out his tongue. 

The battle soon ended, with neither side winning, although Windclan seemed to have the better loss. Maplefeather and Larkwhisker returned to their clans, where Maplefeather soon got to work to injured warriors. Morningflower had grieved the loss of her mate, but Larkwhisker comforted her. In the gathering after, both clans told that they had lost much blood, but Thunderclan reported that their cats had started to become sick, and dying, with medicine making it worse, and that their Medicine cat, Jayfeather, had been killed in battle. Larkwhisker and Maplefeather knew that the deathberries plan had worked. 

After the cats of Thunderclan started to die at a rapid pace, many of their stocks being thrown out, and having to be pain-stakingly replaced by the few healthy Warriors, and Brightheart, an older cat now, filling in for the Medicine cat rank, where she apprenticed a young Apprentice named Pacificpaw to become a Medicine cat. Larkwhisker, not happy with their success, asked The Strike Group for help with Maplefeather. They gladly helped the two cats, and in the middle of the night, with The Strike Group's stealthiest cats, abducted Bramblestar, silencing him by stuffing mouse fur in his mouth. After they dragged a protesting Bramblestar to the lake, Larkwhisker, with the help of Stick and another Strike cat named Yukon, forced Bramblestar's head underwater, drowning him until he had only one life. Bramblestar escaped, although wounded, and asked Lionblaze for help against Maplefeather and Larkwhisker. 

Larkwhisker and Maplefeather then walked over to a gorge, where they planned ever more. Suddenly, Lionblaze and Dovewing jumped out from the bushed and attacked the two. Maplefeather, being less experienced, had been pushed over the edge of the gorge by Dovewing, but she brought her down with her, killing them both. Larkwhisker, furious that Thunderclan had taken so much from him, attacked Lionblaze, shoving a stick down his throat, but the slowly choking Lionblaze tried feebily to retaliate, and did so, by slicing Larkwhisker's side open, and leaving him to bleed out.

Both Larkwhisker and Maplefeather woke up in Dark Forest, cursing at the fact. The two cats met Boulderclaw in the Dark Forest, and plotted against Thunderclan, even in the afterlife.

Larkwhisker had decided to haunt the dreams of Windclan kits, posing as a legendary Warrior named Jackal Tango, and taught them how Thunderclan is a clan not to be trusted.