Founders Leaf, Bracken, Moss, Rooter
Current Stats
Current Leader Flowerstar
Current Deputy Silverfur
Current Medicine Cat Smoketail
Apprentice(s) 3


We live in dense forest, and are quiet, shy, and soft-spoken. We are also one of the great Clans. As the kindest of the three Clans, we do our best to help out when another Clan is in danger, much like ThunderClan. Find our story here.

Known LeafClan AllegiancesEdit

LEADER Flowerstar-beautiful brown tabby she-cat with a white muzzle, chest, and paws and royal blue eyes

DEPUTY Silverfur-handsome light gray tom with darker flecks and amber eyes

MEDICINE CAT Smoketail-dark gray she-cat with amber eyes


Bluefur-blue-gray she-cat she-cat with blue eyes

Rabbitfur-mud-brown tom with a stumpy tail and yellow eyes

Whitepelt-light gray (almost white) tom with ice-blue eyes


Minteyes-white (with amber flecks) tom with light green (almost mint) eyes


Stardance-gray she-cat with gray eyes

Greenwhisker-black she-cat with lavender and green eyes


Blackspots-white (with black spots) tom with black eyes

Barkpelt-short-haired brown tom with dark green eyes and a flattened face

Fireeyes-yellow-furred tom with orange eyes

Feathersong-slender silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Brightsky-mottled brown she-cat with blue eyes


Rootpaw-brown tom with green eyes

Bushpaw-silvery-gray she-cat with blue eyes

Treepaw-light brown tom with gray eyes


Leafdrop-black-and-white she-cat with melting brown eyes (former loner)


Sunpelt-long-furred golden she-cat with amber eyes

Pinetail-tan-coloured tom with golden eyes


Though they don't really have any rivals, LeafClan occasionally battles with CloudClan and GrassClan.

Other InformationEdit

Prey we hunt:

Voles, Shrews, Mice, Birds, Squirrels and Fish. (we get our fish from a little stream that runs through our territory)


A thick forest that seems to never end. Our camp is in a clearing.

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