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LeafClan's Story is fanfiction written by Smoketail88.

It centers on the three Warrior Clans, LeafClan, GrassClan, and CloudClan.


The prolouge chronicles GrassClan long ago, searching for the two other Clans.

Raccoonstar lead his Clan into the vast, open moorland. A kit wailed, but he didn't stop. Suddenly a voice came from the back of the crowd. "Father, we have to stop. Riverstorm's kits are hungry and need to suckle. Can't we rest for the night?" Raccoonstar stared at his daughter. "Moonpelt, we have to find our way back home. Ever since DarkClan drove us out, things have been a nightmare. I'm not stopping until we do." But then at the back of the crowd, Rabbitchase collapsed. "Can't......go.........any.......longer," he gasped. "Father, do you see what you've done?" Moonpelt wailed. "Rabbitchase has fallen over!" Guilt gripped Raccoonstar's belly. He stared at the senior warriors helping Rabbitchase up and along, saying encouraging things like, "only a little bit longer," and "we'll rest soon,". Raccoonstar's Clan was in pieces, and picking them up wouldn't be easy. "All right, we'll rest now," he mewed. "Kinkstripe, take your apprentice and Blacknight, Darkfire, and Smallheart to explore the territory we're in. Sunwhisker and Moonpelt, you take Swiftpaw and Wolfpaw and get the queens and elders settled. Grassbreeze, now would be a good time to hand out those herbs." As he watched his Clan walk away to start their duties, Raccoonstar stared up at the stars in the night sky. The moon shone brightly. MoonClan, please guide us back home. GrassClan has traveled long enough, and we deserve it.

Chapter 1Edit

"Come on, Smokekit, catch the ball!" Brightkit mewed as she hooked the ball of moss over her head and flung it down.

"I don't know.." Smokekit replied, shuffling her paws nervously. I would rather be in the Medicine Den helping Stardapple sort herbs then doing this, she thought.

"Well," said Brightkit matter-of-factly, "if you ever want to be a warrior, then you're going to have to."

"But I want to be a medicine cat!"

"Now, what's this comotion I hear?" The kit's mother, Flowerheart, emerged from the nursery. Smokekit stared up at her with too much admiration in her eyes again. She couldn't get over the fact that her mother was Clan deputy.

"Smokekit won't play ball," Brightkit whimpered.

Flowerheart sighed. "Brightkit, how many times have I had this discussion with you? Smokekit will never be a warrior."

"Why?" asked Brightkit.

"Smokekit, why don't you go help Stardapple sort herbs?" Flowerheart suggested. "I'm sure she could use a paw or two."

"Alright, mom," Smokekit replied. And as she walked away she heard Flowerheart giving Brightkit 'the talk' again.


The scent of herbs drifted up from Stardapple's den to Smokekit's waiting nose. there was some sort of sensation she got from the medicine cat den, though she could never figure out what it was. As she padded in, Stardapple turned around.

"Oh, it's you."

"Yes it's me, Stardapple, and I'm ready to work!" Smokekit replied happily.

"Alright, then," Stardapple glanced around the den nervously. "Let's see what I can give you. Hmm.... what is your level in here? Oh! I know! Why don't you go give some poppy seeds to Wildstar? She hurt herself earlier today and needs help to calm her down."

Smokekit shrunk. She hated bringing poppy seeds to cats, because that was the only job Stardapple ever gave her! Couldn't she just have some variety for once? Was that too hard to ask? "Do I have to?" she asked gloomily. "I mean, that's the only thing I ever do! I want to do something interesting, like make a marigold poulctice, not give poppy seeds to cats all day!"

"You wanted a job," Stardapple replied simply. "Now go quick. I'm sure the pain is really hurting her now."

Smokekit sighed and left the den. What a day! Why did she always have to do cats' dirty work? Was that what medicine cats were for? To do extra jobs other cats just couldn't be bothered to keep track of?

Chapter 2Edit

"Are you crazy?" Smokekit gaped at Brightkit. "You're really going to explore the warriors' den?"

"Yeah, what's wrong with that?" Brightkit replied.

Everything is wrong with that, mouse-brain.

"You're going to get in trouble," Smokekit warned. How could her sister not know that the warriors didn't like kits in their den? She was smarter than that.

"I know, but I don't care," Brightkit replied bluntly.