Clan(s) Thunderclan
Gender She-cat
Rank Deputy
Basic Info
Parents Frostheart and Hailshade
Litter-Mate(s) Russetheart
Mate(s) Runningstep
Children Mudstripe, Fernkit, Morningkit, and Adderkit.
Mentor(s) Sparrowfur
Apprentice(s) Hazelpaw (Hazeldawn)
Alive Books Twisted Paths, Echo of the Stars, Rising Waters, Dark Shadows, Red Moon, Call of Fire.
Owner Scorchstar7

Leafsplash is a brown tabby she-cat with bright green eyes.

Information Edit

Names Edit

Kit: Leafkit

Appprentice: Leafpaw

Warrior: Leafsplash

Queen: Leafsplash

Deputy: Leafsplash

Facts Edit

  • Leafsplash still misses her sister, even though she is in the Dark Forest.
  • She will not take another mate, for Runningstep was her one true love.