LedgeClan is a clan founded by Ledgewing. It is a large territory in a grassland. towards the middle, there is a giant ravine with a stream running through the middle. To get to the camp, you have to climb down a narrow ledge into the ravine. It leads to a large cave with different tunnels branching off in many directions.

The dens are all caves with floors covered in moss. The leader's den is above a ledge on the cave wall.






Note~ leaders do not take the suffix -star


In LedgeClan, the leaders keep their warrior names. The leader has to choose a deputy, just like normal clans.

High rank means that a certain cat fights and hunts well

Medium rank means that a cat hunts well, but can't fight well (or the other way around)

Low rank are queens and elders. Since medicine cats are very important, they always have a high rank

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