Lightfur is a Warrior tom in CloudClan.

Clan(s) CloudClan
Gender Male
Rank Warrior
Basic Info
Parents Nightberry and Leopardfrost
Litter-Mate(s) Mosstail
Mate(s) Locustleap
Children Skykit, Dashkit
Mentor(s) Blazeheart
Apprentice(s) Duskpaw (Duskstone)
Death Alive
Alive Books Light of the Moon



Lightfur has a gold tabby coat and deep blue eyes.


Lightfur is serious about his duties in CloudClan. He never lets things distract him, nor distract others. He is quiet, calm, and collective. While he is serious, he did break the Warrior Code by mating with Locustleap, a cat from another Clan.

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