This fan fiction was by SunnyleafOfThunderClan, and Sunnythesandwingfan23, and this is SunnyleafOfThunderClan's first fan fiction here. We would really appreciate it if it was not deleted. Thank you!


The silver tortiseshell she cat touched her nose to the moonstone and dreamed. A dark gray spotted tom approached her. "Hello,  Silverstreak." Silverstreak dipped her head. "Hello Darkspots. Why has StarClan called me to the moonstone?" Silverstreak asked. "A kit soar through the skys, away from each cats eyes, for destiny. Though this cat will strive under the watchful eye, and return to his true calling." Darkspots gave the  medicine cat her first prophecy. "But what does it mean?" She cried. But StarClan faded away from her, leaving nothing but blackness.

Chapter 1: Swept awayEdit

Coinkit and his sister, Rustykit, sat outside the nursery. These kits were only two moons. Coinkit groomed himself, and Rustykit was running about through the camp.

The Clan was going to find a new home soon, and Coinkit was excited. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneith the rock for a clan meeting!" . It was Avalanchestar, the AvalancheClan leader. He was a white tom with darker white spots. He had mated with a ThunderClan cat many moons ago, before he had created AvalancheClan. AvalancheClan was recently just created, two moons ago.

"As you all know, AvalancheClan will be venturing to another home. will be going to live up in the mountins." The AvalancheClan cats cheered. "We are going to live at the top of the mountins, away from kittypets, dogs, Twolegs, monsters, and thunderpaths!" Yowls of agreement sounded from the Clan. "We will set off in the morning! Clan dismissed."

The next morning, the cats set off. They started walking towards the mountians. Coinkit and Rustkit were held by the scruff gently by their Clan mates. The Clan made lots of progress up the mountian.

About one moon later...

"We have reached camp! Warriors, apprentices, start collecting moss and supplies for the nursery and elders den! These dens will be at the back of the cave, safest incase of danger!" The cats nodded and scurried off. A large cave at the top of the mountian stretched open. Dens will be in that cave! I will make my den last." Avalanchestar told the AvalancheClan cats.

By the end of the day, thd nursery and elders den was built. Coinkit and Rustkit slept peacefully in the cave, safe.

One moon later...

The Clan had everything it needed. A nursery, apprentice den, warriors  den, medicine den, elders den, watering hole, and a fresh kill pile stocked up with more than enough prey for the entire Clan. 

Kestrelwing, the deputy, sent out hunting and dawn patrols, and Coinkit was streatching outside of the nursery. Rustykit was dozing off. He prodded her with a paw. "Rustykit! Rustykit, wake up!" Rudtykit blinked open her eyes. "Wha?" She said, rubbing her eyes with her paw. "Willowbreeze's kits are here!" They poked in their heads, and saw Willowbreeze licking three little bundles of fur. "Two she-kits and a tom." Silverstreak told the two when she noticed them. "Now, Willowbreeze must rest." "Okay Silverstreak."

Wild shreiks sounded from the AvalancheClan cats. Queens scurried and rounded their kits into the nursery. A huge eagle was circling the camp. Coinkit was to terrified to move. "Coinkit! Run, Coinkit!" The huge eagle swooped down and firmly grasped Coinkit in it's large talons. Coinkit let out terrified wails. Warriors tried to save him, but it was to late. 

Chapter 2: The journey beginsEdit