Longclaw is a brown tom with very long claws.


Dark OvercastEdit

So far,a comfirmed Dark Forest Character.

Other StuffEdit

Longclaw was PineClan deputy,and hated ValleyClan.He was set to kill his leader, Volestar,in his last battle.He missed...and killed Silverfur,Fallenpaw(now Fallenleaf),Ivypaw(now Ivyfrost),and Honeypaw(Honeybreath,now StarClan)'s mother.Fallenleaf then wounded Longclaw,later killed by the bleeding.


  • Longclaw was half kittypet,his mother Tumblesound,and his father Twigflight(was Twig as kittypet)
  • His sister is Silverstar(Dead),and his brother is Shingingkit(Dead).