Written by: Silverstar.

Blurb: Many moons after the clans won the Dark Forest Battle, they are in peace. However, all that changes when a dark leader returns from the past and takes over the clans, killing the Three, and all hope seems lost. Until now. Four cats from different worlds collide, and discover that they are part of of an ancient prophecy that can help them save the clans. But to fulfill it, they must find a cat from the dawn of the clans who can help them. There's no turning back now.

Author's Note: I started a story just like this on Warriors Fanfiction Wiki, except with different cats. This will not be exactly it, so if you see a story like that on there, I'm not copying.



Leader: Bramblestar-Large dark brown tabby

Deputy: Squirelflight- Slender dark ginger she-cat

Medicene Cat: Jayfeather- gray tabby with blind blue eyes Apprentice-Amberpaw


Brakenfur- Golden brown tabby

Cloudtail- Fluffly white tom

Brightheart- white she cat with ginger patches

Spiderleg-Blck Tom with brown underbelly

Whitewing-white she-cat

Berrynose- cream tom

Hazeltail-small gray and white she-cat

Mousewhisker- gray and white

Lionblaze- golden brown tabby

Fox leap- reddish tom Apprentice-Lilykit

Icecloud- white she-cat Apprentice-Seedpaw

Toadstep-black and white tom

Rosepetal-dark cream cat

Briar light- dark brown

Blossomfall- tortoiseshell and white

Bumblestripe- pale gray with black stripes Apprentice-Dewpaw

Dovewing- pale gray Apprentice-Snowpaw

Cherry leaf-ginger she-cat

Apprentices: Amberpaw- white with dark brown tabby stripes

Snowpaw-White with gray legs, tail, and ear tips

Dewpaw- dark brown


Cinderheart- dark gray tabby(mother to Lionblaze's kits: Silverkit-small silver she-kit with dark blue eyes and Gingerkit- ginger tabby with pale blue eyes, five moons) Ivy pool-white and silver(mother to Foxleap's kits, Lightingkit-mottled gray Tom with amber eyes, Primkit-Small pale cream she-kit, and Emarldkit- reddish brown tabby and white with large dark green eyes)


Graystripe- Old gray tom

Dust pelt-dark brown tabby

Sandstorm-pale ginger

Daisy- Once pretty cream she-cat

More to come.