Lostheart TerraClan
Clan(s) TerraClan
Basic Info
Parents Greyfrost and Viperclaw
Litter-Mate(s) None
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) Raggedeye
Apprentice(s) Coalclaw


Lostheart was born a savage, driven by the hate of Dragonstar, who was born only a few minutes before him. His mother, Greyfrost, was killed when kitting Lostheart. His father gave him the name of Lostkit because of his loss of his mate.


Lostheart was apprenticed a day later than Dragonstar, increasing his grudge against Dragonstar. He was given the name of Lostpaw, and was given Raggedeye as his mentor. Raggedeye was known for being a bit of a savage himself, but wasn't near as bad as Lostheart. Raggedeye taught Lostheart some of the most advanced hunting and combat techniques. Raggedeye thought he was training him well, and he was, but Lostheart was training for a personal goal. One day he wanted to kill Dragonstar. He tained for 17 moons, two moons longer than Dragonstar, making his grudge turn to pure hate.

Being a WarriorEdit

When Raggedeye had taught Lostheart all he knew, he went to Platinumstar and told him to hold Lostheart's naming ceremony. Platinumstar had watched Lostheart's behavior and decided to name him Lostheart. Lostheart was one of the most advanced hunters in the Clan. But nonetheless, he was still savage. In fact, Lostheart killed EarthClan's old deputy, Rubyheart, in an attempt to become deputy himself. He claimed that Rubyheaart was killed in battle. But his plan backfired and Dragonstar was made deputy.


As you can tell, Lostheart is Dragonstar's enemy. Other than that he has nothing against anybody else in the Clan except ,possibly, Platinumstar.

Being a MentorEdit

Lostheart was given Coalclaw as his apprentice after 7 moons of being a warrior. Lostheart trained Coalclaw to be savage, sharpening his skills until they were almost unmatched. Coalclaw was so savagly trained that he attacked Pinepaw directly before his warrior ceremony, while Lostheart pushed him onward and allowed him to attack Pinepaw. He trained Coalclaw to be savage for his own nefarious purposes; to kill Dragonstar.


Lostheart is a completely grey tom with grey eyes.