soon after the attack a ThunderClan`s medcat was out for a walk to get some herbs she had been needing but instead of finding herbs she found Shadowpaw.She took him back to ThunderClan camp.soon Shadowpaw woke up "wh-where am i?" he said."your in ThunderClan camp"she said softly.Shadowpaw`s eye`s widend as he reilized that he was at his old enemie clan."whats wrong?" asked the medcat.Shadowpaw puased for a moment then said "i`m ShadowClan." "then why did i find you half dead in our territory?" asked the medcat.Shadowpaw told the medcat everything that happend.the medcat seemed not to be suprized as to what happend to Shadowpaw.after all they are known to be traitors because of how Tigerstar left ThunderClan.Shadowpaw vowed he would get revenge on Blackpelt for what he did to him.a few days later Shadowpaw was up and running.then he met Stormstar and asked if he could join ThunderClan "why should i let you in ThunderClan?" Stormstar asked."becuase for what Shadowclan did to me i hate them as much as you" Shadowpaw replied.Stormstar noded and let Shadowpaw join.a couple moons later Shadowpaw was a warrior and was at war with his old battle he saw one of his old friends from ShadowClan about to be attacked then he jumped out of nowhere and screamed "GET AWAY FROM HIM HE`S A FRIEND!" the ThunderClanner then backed off and growled at Shadowscar.with Shadowscar still in the shadows of the trees the ShadowClanner didn`t know who he was and said "who are you?" then Shadowscar steped out in the moonlight."Sh-Shadowpaw?" the ShadowClanner asked "not Shadowpaw Shadowscar" said Shadowscar.immediatly the ShadowClanner said "we thought you were dead!" "yes thats what you were supost to think" replied Shadowscar."WHY DID YOU ABANDON SHADOWCLAN!?!" the ShadowClanner screamed.Shadowscar immediatly yelled "I DIDN`T ABONDON THEM!!!" then the ShadowClanner said "then why did you leave?" "Blackpelt ambushed me and i was left for dead." "Blackpelt?" the Shadowclanner asked "yes but don`t tell anyone" said Shadowscar "what why?" asked the ShadowClanner "because i want my revenge on him" the ShadowClanner noded and said "i will not tell anyone Shadowscar" "thank you now go i don`t want you geting hurt".then the ShadowClanner left. Shadowscar returned to camp and went to sleep dreaming of the day he would find Blackpelt.