Lynxfeather is a muscular, skinny, and small pale gray-brown she-cat with dark spots. She has long fur and whiskers and a short tail. Her eyes are fiery orange and her tufted ears are large and stand upright.

She has a large scar on the top of her nose and her ears are shredded.

Lynxfeather is very reserved. But when she does speak, she is very smart and creative, and sometimes even sassy. If she becomes close to a cat, though, she often can't stop talking.


Lynxfeather is currently the leader of LedgeClan, but is expecting her mate, Tigerstripe's kits.


Lynxfeather was born about a moon after Firestar (the real one) died. Her mother is Darkstorm and her father is Liontail. She did not have any littermates. Lynxfeather's best friends are Blackstream and Tigerstripe.

When she was a kit, she and Tigerstripe didn't know each other well. They never talked to each other until their apprenticeship was nearly over. When they finally did get to know each other, they became good friends.