Founders Magicstar
Current Stats
Current Leader Fuzzystar
Current Deputy Shadowstrike
Current Medicine Cat Hawkflower
Apprentice(s) 5

MagicClan was formed by A magical cat named Paris. He began taking in loners and Kittypets with magical powers as well and created MagicClan. They live on a mountain along with WolfClan and AirClan.


Paris took the name Magic and assumed leader and took the name Magicstar. Rainsplash took over when Magicstar lost his ninth life and took the name Rainstar. then when Rainstar died, Littleraven assumed the position, being named Littlestar. Then when Littlestar died, Fuzzywing assume the position and took te name Fuzzystar


Magicstar picked Cloudheart as his first deputy, but he died a few moons later from greencough. Then Magicstar picked Rainsplash. Rainsplash became leader and picked Littleraven. Littleraven soon became leader and picked Cloudpelt, but he died in a battle. Then she picked Lionstrike, but he retired early from a wound, then she picked Fuzzywing. Fuzzywing became leader and she picked Shadowstrike.

I'll add more later :)

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