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Leader: Birdstar- golden she-cat with a feathery tail and bright blue eyes

Apprentice: Foxpaw- orange she-cat with black paws and a white chest with bright blue eyes

Deputy: Minnowclaw- pretty russet colored she-cat

Medicine Cat: Mousetail- skinny pale brown tom with amber eyes

Warriors- toms and she-cats without kits

Kestralflight- pale gray she-cat with large blue eyes

Apprentice: Tigerpaw- pale brown tom with jet black stripes

Darkfur- dark brown tom

Longfoot- long-legged white tom

Apprentice: Reedpaw- big black tom

Stoneclaw- big light gray tom

Apprentice: Juniperpaw- light gray tom

Heathertail- pale ginger she-cat

Marshclaw- big pale brown tom with dark brown paws

Rainbowheart- pretty light brown she-cat

Honeyclaw- dark ginger she-cat with green eyes

Apprentice: Lizardpaw- pale ginger she-cat with dark ginger stripes

Viperheart- dark ginger tom with bright blue eyes


Sightwing- black she-cat with white stripes and green eyes (expecting Darkfur's kits)


coming soon

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