MasterClan was formed by two brothers and their cousin when PhantomClan and FurryClan came around sometime after WhiskerClan. They choose their cats and trained them to be warriors. After which they left their Clans to defend for themselves and now just watch from afar. The Masterstars have the ability to shapshift from cat to human or other animals. There are at least five members with an unknown who formed TwilightClan and HunterClan. Each Masterstar has their own Clan and warriors.

All Known MembersEdit

Whiskerstar Masterstar of WhiskerClan was the first to create a Warrior Clan. He trained eight of his cats and then felt them to their own devices.

Phantomstar Masterstar of PhantomClan was the second to create a Warrior Clan.

Furrystar Masterstar of FurryClan was the third to create a Warrior Clan.

Twilightstar Masterstar of TwilightClan was the fourth to create a Warrior Clan.

Hunterstar Master of HunterClan was the fifth to create a Warrior Clan


Whiskerstar – a light tan long-hair cat with green eyes

Phantomstar – a dark long-hair cat with blue eyes

Furrystar – a fluffy blue grey cat with blue eyes

Twilightstar – a rusty colored pelt cat with green eyes

Hunterstar – a big bronze cat with amber eyes and a scar across his face







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