Mercurywing is role played by Aniju Aura. He is used to move the story along.


Mercurywing wasn't born in MetalClan but helped to form it alogn with MetalstarHe was a young cat around seven moons so he became one of the first apprentice. He became a warrior and soon got his apprentice named Topapaw. He taught his apprentice everything he knew. Topazpaw was named Topazclaw and Mercurywing was proud of his apprentice. He soon got Emeralpaw and he taught her how to be an honorable warriors. She was named Emeralsky. Mercurywing was one of the oldest warriors in the group. One day he went hunting. He sighted a twoleg so he ran away. As he was running he heard a cat scream int he direction he was running away from so he went back to help them. The twoleg was attacked the cat, Mercurywing didn't know, so he attacked the twoleg. He scratched the twoleg on the face but the mask the twoleg was wearing didn't allow Mercurywing to cut out the twolegs eyes. The twoleg managed to throw Merucyrwing off of him. He stabbed the black and white tom but Mercurywing was able to get away. Merucrywing attacked again and this time was able to make a good hit on the twoleg. Mercurywing fought bravely but the twoleg knocked Mercurywing into the river and the warrior was washed away. Mercurywing climbed out of the water and crawled toward the MetalClan camp. He died in the reeds by the water where Topazclaw, Pearleye and Copperpaw found him.


Mercurywing joined SpiritClan.