Founders Metalstar, Leadpelt, Reedwhisker, Mercurywing, Spottedstem, Shiningstrike, Emeraldsky, Tubletail and Tumblestep
Current Stats
Current Leader Metalstar
Current Deputy Topazclaw
Current Medicine Cat Pearleye

Role Playing is closed till farther notice, MetalClan is not taking in anymore role playing cats.

MetalClan is the third Role Playing Clan and their main rivals are JungleClan. MetalClan are strong brave cats who know more how Twoleg machines work. They get angry easily and often want to fight to settle matters. Their leader, Metalstar has even envented new fighting moves only known to MetalClan. These cats are usually big and muscular with many coat styles. The usually have shades of gray, brown and orange or usually have metal colored coats like silver, bronze or gold. More black cats are common in this Clan than any other. They can have tabby, patched, dappled or spotted coast but solid colors are the most common. These cats are usually named after metal related or gems. Metalstar doesn't often allow rogues to join his Clan. Mercurywing used to live in MetalClan but was killed by the Killer.

If you wish to join, please read the Role Play Rules. Then please leave a Message on Aniju Aura's user talk about your joining and who you are. Once you receive a respond then and only then place your character in the proper place below.

The Role Play Center for MetalClan is Metallic Warriors.


The first leader became Metalstar the founder of the Clan whom which was named after.


The first deputy became Reedwhisker. After him, the new deputy became Topazclaw.

Medicine Cat

The first Medinice Cat became Shiningstrike. When he was lost, Pearleye took over his position.

MetalClan Members

Leader: Metalstar – A big black and an bronze tom with golden eyes and a scar across this face. (Played by Aniju Aura)

Deputy: Topazclaw – a brown colored tom with green eyes (Played by Sir Rock)

Medicine Cat: Pearleye – a light beige she-cat (This cat is available)

Warrior (Toms and she-cats without kits)

Onyxfang – a big gray tom with one deep blue eye (Played by Sir Rock) Apprentice Copperkit

Goldeneye – a long-haired golden tom (Played by Aniju Aura) Apprentice Chromepaw

Silverooth – a long-haried silver she-cat with yellow eyes (This cat is available)

Bronzepelt – a big bronze colored tabby she-cat (This cat is available)

Apprentice (More than six moons old training to become warrior)

Copperpaw– a copper colored tom with green eyes (This cat is available)

Chormepaw – a silver tom with yellow eye (Played by Sir Rock)

Queens (She-cat expecting or nursing kits)

Emeraldsky – a calico she-cat with green eyes (Mother of Zinckit, Diamondkit and Rubykit) (Role Played by Aniju Aura)

Elders (Retired toms and Queens)


Kits (Less then six moons) When a person choses a kit they will became apprentices

Zinckit – a black tom with a silver white chest and paws with yellow eyes (This cat is available)

Diamondkit– a dark brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes (This cat is available)

Rubykit – a red and white she-cat with green eyes  (This cat is available)

All Known Members

List of former cats who were born or joined MetalClan.

Mercurywing – a black and silver tom

Reedwhisker – A broad-shoulder dark-grey striped shorthair tom, former the Captain

Shiningstrike – small delicate golden she-cat with rusty ginger patches, former Medicine Cat

Tumblestep – a pale gray tom with white-paws

Spottedstem – a spotted blue she-cat

Darkember – Muscular black and orange she-cat with one blue eye and one green

Acornsong – a dark brown she-cat with wide, orange eyes

Tubletail – a tortiusshell she-cat with yellow eyes

Leadpelt – a big thick-haired silver tom with a scar on his face


MetalClan's main rivals are JungleClan. Their other rivals are OceanClan, IceClan and WildClan.


MetalClan lives in an old abandoned mine and housing complex. They hunt rats, mice, birds, lizards and bugs often found in the mine or old mill and houses. MetalClan's Camp in located in an old abandon mine, all the Dens are located in caverns within the mine.

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