Metallic Warriors is where we now role play for MetalClan whish is one of the Role Playing Clan. Their main rivals are JungleClan . Please ask Aniju Aura for only for Deputy or Medicine positions. If you are just going to be a warrior or an apprentice then leave a Message on Aniju Aura's user talk about your joining and who who are. Then place your character in the proper place below.

Chapter 1: New BloodEdit

Metalstar took his warriors and apprentices, two being Topazclaw, Copperpaw, out on a patrol. As they were nearing OceanClan territory, Topazclaw caught the scent of a stranger, an unknown cat. They followed the trail till they heard voice of cats. Topazclaw picked over the bushed and spotted three OceanClan cats and an unknown. Metalstar wasted no time. He jumped out with his group of seven cats to confront the intruders.

"Why are you here in our territory?!" he hissed.

The OceanClan cats looked shocked as their eyes shifted from each others.

"We didn't mean to trespass on your territory," mewed Windtail a one of the OceanClan cats. "We found this cat here."

"This cat isn't from our Clan," snarled the big leader.

The MetalClan cats got ready to attack. Then the OceanClan deputy, Clawsplash jumped at Metalstar. He scratched Metalstar on the cheek. Metalstar reared up and cuffed Clawsplash on the head knocking him off. The OceanClan cats ran into the darkness followed by a few MetalClan warriors.

"What shall we do?" asked Copperpaw. "We will get them back later," hissed Metalstar. "Now isn't the time. Go mach sure those cats leave our territory."

Copperpaw ran into the darkness after the OceanClan cats. Aniju Aura 03:47, September 15, 2010 (UTC)

Topazeclaw followed the OceanClan cats to the edge of MetalClan territory. Once the intruders were gone he joined Copperpaw and the other cats and headed back. On their way he scented a dog in the area. he told MetalStar about the dog. Sir Rock 07:12, September 18, 2010 (UTC)

"We will have to be on alert!" yowled Metalstar. "There is a stranger, OceanClan warriors and now a dog!"

"Tomarrow is the Gathering," moewed Copperpaw. "Are we going to tell the other Clans about this?"

"We have too, OceanClan terspassed on our territory and a dog is big news all Clans should know about."

Metalstar gathered some warriors for night poltral. Tomarrow was the Gathering and he didn't want to have a dog attack on his Clan before he warned the others Clans.Aniju Aura 04:09, September 19, 2010 (UTC)

Topazclaw went hunting in the mourning and he rediscovered the strange cat's scent. He followed the scent and it led him to a female cat and she had three kits! Sir Rock 06:03, September 21, 2010 (UTC)

Copperpaw came along after hunting and foumnd Topazclaw with the she-cat and her kits.

Who are you?" asked Copperpaw.

"I am Pearl," she repied. "I didn't know there were other cats here."

"Come on we will take you too MetalClan," said Copperpaw.

Pearl, Topazwclaw and Copperpaw carried the two kits to MetalClan where Metalstar allowed Pearl and her kits to joined the Clan. She moved in with Emaraldsky, another queen who also gave birth to three kits. Aniju Aura 00:36, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

They next day Topazpaw took the newly names Pearleye our to see the territory along with Copperpaw.Sir Rock 05:22, September 23, 2010 (UTC)

The cats wandered around the territory. The night soon came and the day had been cold. Pearleye had learned all the Clan's territory so it was time to take her home. Topazclaw had told her all about the ways of the warriors. As they were coming back Copperpaw smelled something. Topazclaw smelled blood, cat blood. He rushed to the source. He found a cat was lying in the reed by the river. It was a cat knows as Mercurywing who had been one of MetalClan's eldest warriors. He had been Topazclaw’s mentor. He warrior was beside his old mentor’s side in a flash. Mercurywing was barely alive.

“It was a twoleg,” he murmured. “A twoleg tried to kill a cat. I attacked.”Aniju Aura 10:05, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

"Don't talk, we'll get you home," whispered Topazclaw.

He didn't know how he was going to carry Mercurywing home with out hurting him. Sir Rock 10:10, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

"The twoleg was trying to kill a she-cat with a dark midnight pelt," Mercurywing told him. "He was trying to kill a cat not from any Clan. I scratched him... I saved that cat..."

Mercurywing coughed out blood then leaned his head back. His vision blurred and his breathing became difficult. He knew he was at his life end, but he needed to tell Topazclaw what he knew before he went to SpiritClan.

"Arhh! No not yet!" wailed Mercurywing. "The twoleg... the twoleg has a sharp fang like weapon... the twoleg has.."

Mercurywing trailed off.

"I am coming... We'll meet again... Topazclaw... in SpiritClan."

Mercurywing closed his eyes one last time.Aniju Aura 10:18, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

"No Mercurywing! Don't die! No don't die!" Topazclaw yowled in agony. "Come back! Please don’t go! Don't leave us!"

Mercurywing didn't respond. Topazclaw's mentor was gone to SpiritClan, but Topazclaw hope his soul still lingered to hear his pleads. He felt pitiful and helpless. A twoleg had killed his mentor and had tried to kill another cat. A cat with a midnight pelt, there was no cat Mercurywing didn’t know. Topazclaw pressed his nose into Mercurywing’s scruff and pleaded for him to stay.Sir Rock 10:28, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter 2: Strangers EyesEdit

It was the next day after Mercurywing’s death. Topazclaw has dragged his old mentor home. He told Metalstar what had happen and what Mercurywing had said. They buried his body outside the camp. He mourned Mercurywing death the most. He stayed inside his nest most of the day. He wondered who that midnight cat was. Why would the twoleg attack a cat? How was there someone Mercurywing didn’t know? Finally after he couldn’t get it out of his head, he headed out to find the midnight cat Mercurywing had saved. If that twoleg wanted to kill that cat, then they weren’t safe not cat was safe. Mercurywing would have gone to save the cat with the midnight pelt.Sir Rock 10:43, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

Pearleye rose from her nest and turned around. Yawn... [Inside the box: Smoketail88] 01:23, October 7, 2010 (UTC)

Onyxfang hissed at a black cat on the horizon. HarleyQuinn 10:01, October 13, 2010 (UTC)

In the nursery,Spottedstem was awaking.Reddwhisker had come to see Tumblekit and Aconkit.Usernamer 2-Cool Catz 20:04, October 17, 2010 (UTC)

Two tall creature stood at the top of the old mine. One peered down at the mess of man-made objects below. He turned to the other who gave a nod. The younger one proceeded down the slope with his compaion close behind. A golden pelted cat dashed in to the chaos of metal.

"What are they doing here?" he meowed. "Twolegs haven't coem here in moons! Season even!"

Goldeneye starred at the strange critters before him. One of rumishing threw the metal.The other was more into rested in the scathering cats.Aniju Aura 14:36, October 23, 2010 (UTC)

In the nursery..."What!"shouted Reedwhisker."Yes,these are not your kits.I...I... met a loner."said Spottedstem."I and the kits can't be loyal now.I'll miss you,Reedwhisker.The kis will too.But I am making it final that I am leaving for good.Good bye,Reedwhisker.May SpirtClan light your path."With that,the kits and Spottedstem left to the unknown.Usernamer2Usernamer 2-Cool Catz 14:43, October 23, 2010 (UTC)

Sean watched as a she-cat emgered from a canver. She was pretty and had two kittens. He jumped down and grabbed one of her kits! He held it up in the air looking at it.

"This one is cute. I think I'll keep him," he said.

Sean turned and started to head back home. He regrouped with his sister. Aniju Aura 14:46, October 23, 2010 (UTC)

"Come back!Reedwhisker yelled.Spottedstem stopped dead."Now that I think about it, I and the kits can be loyal.I"ll come back.But their father is called Champ."So Spottedstem remained MetalClan.Usernamer 2-Cool Catz 14:51, October 23, 2010 (UTC)

Sean carried the tiny kit towards him home. As they were heading back, David, his older brother appeared. He probably was doing som research on the local animals. Sean had come with David to see what animals they could find near the old mine.

Goldeneye jumped out.

"Spottedstem, your kit!" he yelled. "That twoleg took your kit!"Aniju Aura 14:54, October 23, 2010 (UTC)

Acornkit glared with huge eyes. She managed to whisper,"Tumblekit." Spottedstem just stared in pure horror.Usernamer 2-Cool Catz 15:01, October 23, 2010 (UTC)

"What do you got there Seany," asked David. 'You found a kitten? There are lots of wild cats that live here."

David took his two siblings home along with the kitten.Sir Rock 16:02, October 23, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter 3:Shadow DaysEdit

"All hunters gather under the Metal Tree for a Clan Meeting," cried Metalstar as all the cats of MetalClan gathered under him. "We have three kits ready to become apprentices."

Emeralsky, the mother of the three kits, Chromekit, Zinckit and Rubykit, brought out her three little bundles of fluffy. Her kits were now six moons old and ready to become apprentices. Her three kits sat beside her with their fur licked clean and eyes shining bright with excitement.

"First up is Chromekit," meowed Metalstar. "Chromekit from this day on you will be known as Chromepaw till you receive your warrior name."

Chromepaw stepped forward to receive his mentor.

"Goldeneye, you are a young warrior but you are clever and strong. You have not yet gotten any apprentice. I trusted in you to teach this young cat in the ways of our Warriors Ancestors and to horror their and our Warriors Codes of Arms."

"I will my star," replied Goldeneye.

He and his new apprentice touched noses. Metalstar turned his attention to the next apprentice.

"Rubykit from this day on you will be known as Rubypaw till you receive your warrior name. Slivertooth, you are a kind and gentle yet brave warrior. I trusted in you to teach this young cat in the ways of our Warriors Ancestors and to honor their and our Warriors Codes of Arms."

Silvertooth and Rubypaw touched noses. Last but not least Metalstar turned towards the last kit waiting to become an apprentice.

"Zinckit, from this day on you will be known as Zincpaw till you receive your warrior name. Onyxfang, you are a strong loyal warrior of MetalClan. I trusted in you to teach this young cat in the ways of our Warriors Ancestors and to horror their and our Warriors Codes of Arms."

Zincpaw and his new mentor Onyxfang touched noses and sealed the mentor apprentice bound. And with that MetalClan got three new apprentices, but they still had two kits left and queens expecting kits. Things were looking good for MetalClan, despite the lost of brave Mercurywing. Aniju Aura 07:07, October 29, 2010 (UTC)

Warriors Goldeneye, Silvertooth and Topazclaw and apprentice Chromepaw, Rubypaw and Copperpaw went on a patrol. On the way they ran into deputy Reedwhisker. They scented a badger next by.

"We should check it out," mewed Copperpaw.

"I think he is right. It could come next the camp. The kits and elders will be in danger." added Goldeneye.Aniju Aura 09:13, December 3, 2010 (UTC)

Darkember sat nearby, watching the Clan meeting disband. She got up from her position at the back, and froze as she caught the strong scent of badger.

"I agree," Darkember growled in her low, dangerous voice. She padded next to Goldeneye, but somewhat far away. It was not easy to befriend her, let alone know her. She was very defensive. "We should get a party of warriors and anyone who is capable to fight this badger, and find it."

SpazzyFox 09:27 AM, February 27, 2011