Founders Moonstar and other cats
Current Stats
Current Leader Moonstar
Current Deputy Luna
Current Medicine Cat Artemis
Apprentice(s) Unknown Number

MoonClan was formed by Moon and other cats she found. Add a little bit of details about your Clan here. What they are like, where they live, like forest, hills or marsh.


The leader is Moonstar.


The deputy is Luna (formerly a kittypet).

Medicine CatsEdit

The Medicine Cat is Artemis (formerly a kittypet). Apprentice is Shinepaw(clan born)

MoonClan MembersEdit

Leader: Moonstar – a short-haired white she-cat

Deputy: Luna – black she-cat with red eyes formerly a kittypet

Medicine Cat: Artemis – white tom with blue eyes formerly a kittypet

Warriors (Toms and she-cat without kits)

Diana – grey she-cat with red eyes formerly a kittypet (Apprentice Firepaw)

Lunarfur – white tom with blue eyes formerly of AirClan (Moonheart's mate)

Liontail– a big pure white tom with a thick main and one green eye *Missing the other*

Stormtail – a brown tabby tom (Apprentice Garypaw)

One-eye – a long-haired black tom with one scar on left eye (Apprentice Angelpaw)

Peachpelt – a long-hair bright orange she-cat (Apprentice Starpaw)

Thundertail – a long hair black and brown tabby tom

Swiftpelt – a creamy yellow tom (Mintheart's mate)

Nightfrost - a black tom with unbelievably striking piercing green eyes

Darkpool - a handsome and strong, yet shy, dark brown tabby with white stripes and blue eyes

Appentices (More then Six moons old, training to become warriors)

Firepaw – a she-cat (Mentor Diana)

Garypaw – a sleek blake and white tom

Darkpaw – a dark grey tom with deep blue eyes

Angelpaw – a long-haired black and white tom

Starpaw – a dark grey tabby tom with blue eyes

Bluepaw – a pure black tom with yellow eyes and white paws

Queens (She-cat expecting or nursing kits)

Moonheart – a light grey she-cat with light flanks (expecting)

Mintheart – a light grey she-cat with dark flanks (expecting)

Feathertail – a light brown she-cat with a white chest (expecting)

Whitefur - a milky white she-cat with one brown paw and a speckled chest (taking care of kits; Robinkit, Sliverkit, Petalkit, Dustkit, and Rosekit, mate; Nightfrost and Darkpool)

Elders (Retired toms and she-cats)

Winterleaf - a lithe dark brown and white spotted she-cat

Cloverfern - a musky light gray she-cat

Longpelt - a caramel colored pelted tom, with shaggy fur

Kits (Less than six moons old)

Robinkit, Sliverkit, Petalkit, and Rosekit (kits to Whitefur)


MoonClan's main rivals are MapleClan


MoonClan lives in the hills

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