Nightclan symbol by fellowsharcar-d4pz160
Founders Midnightstar, Swanstar, Lilystar
Leader(s) Midnightstar, Swanstar, Lilystar, Lightstar
Deputy(s) Swanstorm, Lilyleaf, Lightfur, Shineheart
Medicine Cat(s) Cinderpool, Diamondpoppy
Current Stats
Current Leader Lightstar
Current Deputy Shineheart
Current Medicine Cat Diamondpoppy
Number of Members 16
Warrior(s) Silentdrop, Gorsespots, Cedarthorn, Sunseeker
Apprentice(s) Spiderpaw, Rosepaw, Daisypaw, Stonepaw
Relatives Morningheart (Waterkit) , Goldenmist (Expecting kits)
Waterkit Waterkit
Lilyflower, Sparkfrost Lilyflower, Sparkfrost

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