Moonstar is a short furred light gray she-cat with shinning blue eyes,two small scars on her back,and a large scar on her flank.


Moonkit was born to Sunstorm and Pebblemoon in MossClan.She had a sister named Flowerfeather and a brother named Clawpaw.When she was born,her father Pebblemoon died defending her from a badger.Moonkit was named after him,because Pebblemoon died protecting her and Moonkit looked exactly like him.Moonkit was a very peppy,wise,adventures brave and kind kit who dreamed of becoming a warrior.When she was a kit,she wanted to be a medicine cat until her sister Flowerkit called it first.Then she wanted to be a warrior.She finally became an apprentice at six moons.


She became an apprentice under the name Moonpaw.Her mentor was a kin Tom named Reedclaw.Her siblings became apprentice's too,but Flowerpaw became a medicine cat apprentice.Moonpaw was a good listener and the best hunter in the clan.Two moons after she became an apprentice,Moonpaw fought her first battle with RainClan.Reedclaw and her mother were vert proud.Sadly,her brother Clawpaw died at eight moons.Moonpaw was very devastated,but she countinted to train.


After a season and six moons of being an apprentice,Moonpaw became a warrior under the name Moontail.She became the best hunter in tue clan.After seven moons of being a warrior,she finally got her own apprentice,Swiftwing.He was a good listener,so she trainned him exactly.Moontail trained him for two season.She trainned him for a long time because he had a terrible injury that made him missed training for five moons.After he became a warriror,Moontail's mother Sunstorm died of greencough.Moontail grieved more than any other cat.Three moons after that,the clan's leader Tanglestar died of greencough.Ravenstar became the leader.Soon,Moontail fell in love with Rushwind,her best friend and a warrior.They soon mated.

Three moons after she returned to her duties,Moontail got an apprentice named Cherivlpaw.Cherivlpaw was hard to train,she was the opposite of Swiftwing.Seven moons after Cherivlpaw became an apprentice,she died.Moontail was very upset.A season passed and her two sons became warriors.Moontail and Rushwind were very proud.six moons after they became warriors,Rushwind was killed by the clan's leader,Ravenstar.Ravenstar went mad after his mate died.He acussed the death of Rushwind on Moontail,and he was exiled.


Four moons after they became mates,Moontail moved to the nursey.She soon gave birth to Stormkit and Pinekit.She was a caring mother to them.After they became apprentice's,she became a warrior again.


Moontail was exiled and forced to be a loner.She stayed away from the clans for three moons.Then she meet her apprentice Swiftwing,who had been exiled after the clan's deputy Uralahazel died.He told Moontail that Ravenstar acutlly killed him and the clan's medicine cat,and also lead attacks on MistyClan,killing many of their cats.Swiftwing also told her that Ravenstar refused to name a deputy.For a moon the two stayed toghter.Then they returned to MossClan to find out that Ravenstar brought sixteen rouges into the clan to watch over the warrirors.Ravenstar then found the two and tried to kill them,however the rest of the clan attacked him and Ravenstar died.The rouges were soon forced to flee.Moontail joined MossClan again.


Flowerfeather(who became the medicine cat after the clan's medicine cat died),told Moontail that StarClan told her that she needed to be leader.Moontail was shocked but went to the Stone of Dreams to revive her nine lives.Then she was named Moonstar.Swiftwing was chosen to be the deputy.Five moons later,Moonstar lost her first life by being attacked by a badger.Six moons later,she lost another life to greencough.Three moons later,Moonstar was attacked by a group of rouges and lost two og her lives.A season after that,she lost her fifth life beacause she was attacked by rats.Six moons later,she lost her sixth life to fallling off a tree.Moonstar had been leader of MossClan for three years,and is still the great leader today.