MossClan is a clan formed by loners and kittypets. MossClan are aggressive,firce,proactive and sometimes warmhearted and friendly.


Mossstar was Rhe first leader of MossClan.Her leadership was very short thought,she was the leader for one season.Ravenstar became the leader.He was the leader for twelve seasons.Hazelstar became the leader next and she still is.


Ravenspots was the first deputy.When he became leader,Swfitstorm was the deputy for a long time.However,she was killed by a monster.Hazelcloud became the deputy.When Ravenstar died,Hazelcloud became leader and Stormpelt became deputy.

Medicine CatsEdit

Hawkstorm was the first medicine cat.Then when he died,Whitesong was the medicine cat.When she retired,Rushwind became the medicine cat.Then,Flowerfeather became the medicine cat.

Current MembersEdit

Leader:Moonstar:Light gray she-cat with shinning blue eyes.

Deputy:Stormpelt:Light gray tom with green eyes and a long tail.

Medicine Cat:Flowerfeather:Toritshell she-cat with a white chest and paws.

Warriors:(Toms and she-cats without kits)

Swiftwing:Dark brown tom with blue eyes. Apprertince:Leopardpaw

Hawktail:Brown tabby tom.

Willowflower:Blue gray she-cat with dark blue eyes and a white paw. Apprentice:Smallpaw

Lionclaw:Ginger tabby tom with green eyes.

Mistyfern:Silver gray tabby with deep blue eyes. Apprentice:Russetpaw

Creampelt:Creamy brown tabby and white she-cat.

Darkclaw:Black tom with amber eyes.

Rabbitfur:Ginger and white tom. Apprerntice Graypaw

Snowflower:White she cat with green eyes.

Parchstorm:Black and white tom.

Hollyflight:Brown she-cat with blue eyes.

Birdpelt:Brown and white tom.

Leafpelt:Tortishell she-cat with amber eyes.

Apprentices(More then six moons,training to be a warrior) Leopardpaw:Golden she-cat with a white chest and paws.

Russetpaw:Dark ginger and white she-cat.

Smallpaw:White she-cat.

Graypaw:Gray she-cat with fluffly fur.

Queens(Nursing or expecting kits)

Birdsong:Black she-cat.(Mother of Hawktail's kits;Heatherkit;Dark gray she-cat with amber eyes;Birdkit;Golden brown tabby tom;and Brightkit;Light brown tabby she-cat.)

Fernpool:Gray and white she-cat.(Expecting Swiftwing's kits)

Elders(Retired queens and warriors) Fuzzyfur:Mottled brown tabby tom with shaggy fur.

Longclaw:Very old battled scar black tom with a short tail.


When the clan first formed,there weren't any rivals.A season later,MistyClan became the rivals.


MossClan live in a huge meadow with large trees around their camp.They have many trees in their territory.There are sharp brambles that are around their camp,and a large bush(known as The Fern Bush) that leads in their camp.The leader's den is a tree with a huge gap in it.Hazelstar makes anccoumets on the first branch on the tree above her den.The warrior's den is in a small cave with small bushes aroun it.The nursey is under a small bush with brambles around it.The apprentice's den is also under a bush,but it is much large than the nursery.The medicine cat den is a small fallen boudler.The elder's den is under a large bush,and in the inside it is covered with moss.The Hollow Tree is a tree where cats learn how to climb.Also,apprerntices train there.The ground is covered with soft leaves.It is surrended by small ferns.There is also a small stream where cat drink water from.Ther territory is mostly meadows with grass.There is a small meadow at the edge of MossClan's territory,known as the dangerous meadow.The grass there is very long,it is near a twoleg house that has four large dogs.It is a very dangerous place,so cats are not allowed to go there unless they have permission from their leader.


MossClan eats Mice,Voles,Crows,Thrushs,Sprawwos and rarely Rabbits.

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