Out of the FireEdit

She was born to Redtail and Blackclaw of Thunderclan and is the sister of Nightkit and Flamekit. She's part Shadowclan because Blackclaw is Yellowfang's sister, even though she doesnnt want anyone to find out. She is born right after Rusty comes to Thunderclan and before Spottedleaf dies. Her sister and brother are killed by Clawface while trying to help Frostfur's kits. When she was born, she was bigger and darker then the other kits in the litter, so when her mother noticed this she took her out into the forest, and intended to kill her. Instead, she only scratched her eyes terribly bad. When the clan heard cries of help, they came running and saw Mosskit cowering in a bush and her eyes covered in blood. Blackclaw claims she went out hunting and Mosskit followed her and cut her eyes on a thorn bush. Even though the clan were suspicious, Yellowfang couln't do anything for her eyes, so Mosskit was blind ever since. After that, she vowed to get her revenge on her mother for doing this to her. Eight moons pass and her mentor, Lionheart, and her go out to hunt. Blackclaw asks if she can go too, Mosspaw says that if they run into trouble it would be good for another person to come. Lionheart is hesitent but lets her come. As they get deeper in the forest, Mosspaw tells Blackclaw that she found a small cave one day when she was out hunting, and asks Bloodclaw to go see it. Lionheart wants to go to at first, but Mosspaw says its only big enough for two small cats. Lionheart nodds and tells them that when theyre done go straight back to camp. They walk toward the cave, and when they get there, Blackclaw says she doesnt see anything. When she turns around, Mosspaw lunges and digs her teeth into her neck, instently killing her. She then drags her body back to camp and tells the others about what she did to her when she was a kit and nobody did anything. At first theyre disgusted, only Tigerclaw says thats what Blackclaw gets, and then shocked that an apprentice could do that to a full grown warrior. Redpelt is horrified and heartbroken that his own daughter killed his mate and her mother, so he tells Bluestar to exile her becuase they can't have someone just killing everyone out of anger. Bluestar nodds and exiles Mosspaw out of Thunderclan territory. Before she goes, she looks over her shoulder and says straight at Redpelt, "I may be a murderer, but you know what's the right thing. Your fate is in my paws now." Lionheart and Tigerclaw escourt her out and she's never seen again.

Tooth and ClawEdit

A few moons later, while Shadowclan is attacking Windclan to run them out, an appprentice named Dustpaw is getting attacked by three Shadowclan warriors. Just when theyre about to kill him, a mysterious cat runs out of a nearby bush and bites one Shadowclan warriors neck, killing it. She claws another's face and digs her claws into the other's shoulder. As they run off, she yells to them, "WINDCLAN ONLY KITTY PETS!" Dustpaw staggers up and thanks the cat for helping him, he then asks for the cats name. She replies as Mosspaw. He's shocked to see the Thunderclan cat who killed her own mother and threatened the life of her father is very beautiful, but he's grateful that she saved his life. As Shadowclan drives the Windclan warriors out, Dustpaw stays close to Mosspaw, even though she says she can take care of herself. When the cat's regroup, Dustpaw tells Tallstar that a cat saved him from death, and shows Mosspaw too him. Tallstar is impressed in the cats bravery and strenght, even though he's a little bit afraid, but lets her stay in Windclan. Dustpaw is overjoyed and shows her the other apprentices. As Windclan sleeps, Mosspaw gets up out of her nest and goes on top of a fence to think. Dustpaw wakes up and follows her, asking her why is she awake. She replies, "It's not my fault i killed her, if it wasn't for Starclan, she could've killed me." Dustpaw tells her that it's the past and she has to forget about it for the time being. She thanks him for his advice and makes a small nest for them to sleep in together, possibly having feelings for him. The next day, Dustpaw, Mosspaw, and her new mentor Onewhisker, go out hunting for some prey. While they're hunting, Mosspaw asks Dustpaw why Onewhisker is called that when he has lots of them. Dustpaw gets the joke and Onewhisker says, "My name may be Onewhisker but be glad it isn't Hearall." They stay quiet untill they get back to camp. Onewhisker got a thrush, Dustpaw got a vole, and Mosspaw got a rabbit. Tallstar says that he's happy that Mosspaw is now with them instead of a clan like Shadowclan. Dustpaw says he is to and she blushes. While she goes to help the med cat with some herbs, an apprentice named Windpaw pads up to him and tells him that its obivous Mosspaw likes him. Dustpaw is embarressed at first, then sees Mosspaw getting treated for her eyes. Windpaw sees Dustpaws face and laughs a bit then padds off when he sees Mosspaw come into the tempurary nursery carrying some moss for the nests. Windpaw turns to leave and before he does he tells Dustpaw, "It's also obvious you like her, too." Before Dustpaw can say anything, he bounds off to his nest. Dustpaw pads to the nursery and finds Mosspaw putting new moss down and throwing the old moss away. He goes up to her and asks if she ever thought of having kits. She looks at him and replies, "Why?" Dustpaw shifts his paws and says no reason. She then puts the old moss in her mouth and putting it around the temporary fresh kill pile. Dustpaw goes up to her again and asks if they'll ever get their warrior names. She says soon and goes to her nest and sleeps. That night, Tallstar calls a meeting and tells everyone that three apprentices will get their warrior names that night. Before they start the ceremony, a big monster goes past the cats' camp and they're terrified. When the monster passes, Tallstar asks if everyone is ok, and they are. They get on with the ceremony, and Windpaw, Dustpaw and Mosspaw are now Windclaw, Dustflame and Mosslegs. Mosslegs is mad that she gets a name like that and Dustflame asks whats wrong with it, it's not like she has moss on her legs. Mosslegs furious storms off to her nest. The next day, Dustflame gives her a mouse he just caught and they share it. Dustflame apoligizes for what he said yesterday, but Mosslegs asks why can't she have a name like his instead of a stupid name like Mosslegs. Dustflame compliments her name saying, "I like it, it fits you." She thanks him and eats the rest of the mouse, and then he asks her if she would like to go for a walk with him later on that night. She says sure and goes to a fence and thinks. That night, Mosslegs and Dustflame sneak out of camp and explore the new place. As they cross the Thunderpath, Dustflame tells Mosslegs to look out and sees a monster coming straight at her. She freezes and Dustflame shoves her out of the way, and they both fall down a hill. Mosslegs thanks Dustflame and he says anytime. They see a tree and climb it to see if there's anything to see beyond the Thunderpath. In the distence they see Four Oaks, and Dustflame tells Mosslegs his feelings for her. She does the same and they make a small nest there and sleep.

Dust and MossEdit

The next day, while they're going back to camp, Windclaw is waiting for them at the entrence. He questions them why they weren't at camp last night and asks what they were doing. They look at each other and Mosslegs says that it's none of his bussiness. She walks out of camp toward some trees, with Dustflame trotting after her. Dustflame asks her why the sudden change of additude, she replies that she doesnt want anyone finding out that they love each other because she doesn't want kits, not at the time at least. They go farther in the woods and find Fireheart and Greystripe looking for Windclan. She snarls and is about to attack them when Fireheart tells them that the dangers past and they can go home now. Greystripe looks at them both and asks, "Why are you guys out here all alone?" Dustflame and Mosslegs share a look and they silently escourt them to their camp. While there, Fireheart and Greystripe tell them that they can go back to their camp, now that Shadowclan is not a threat anymore. When they bring them back to their old territory, Tallstar says it would be better if they go through Riverclan territory because it's faster. When they do, they get caught by a patrol and are forced into a fight. Dustflame and Mosslegs fight four warriors and are about to lose, but then a Thunderclan patrol comes and helps Windclan win. While the Riverclan cats are running away, Mosslegs' fur is all fluffed out and she yells, " RUN YOU MOUSE BRAINS! RUN WHILE YOU HAVE PAWS!" Dustflame comes up to her and tells her that she looks nice with her fur like that, and she tells him that he looks good with a big bite in his ear, and when they get to their camp, they are now mates. A few moons pass and at the next Gathering, Redpelt is talking to a Shadowclan cat when he sees Mosslegs talking to Blackfire, a Thunderclan tom, about how Thunderclan is. Redpelt jumps in front of them and tells Blackfire to 'talk with his own kind'. As the Gathering starts, she sits next to Dustflame and says she saw her father. He asks her what did she do and she says that he hasn't forgotten about what she did. Before Bluestar is about to talk, Redpelt whispers to her staiting that Windclan took in Mosslegs and now they're a danger. Bluestar asks why Tallstar let her in his clan, and he states, "When Shadowclan was attacking, she risked her life to save my apprentice. I owe her more then a place to sleep." Even though the clan cats murmer and whisper the Gathering finishes and they go their seperate ways, but Mosslegs gives Redpelt a look over her shoulder.

Love and HappinessEdit

. Later on, while the clan cats are finding a new place to live, all of Windclan's kits are taken by Twolegs and put in monsters with their mothers. Mosslegs was put in charge to watch them and is stricken with grief because of this. While they travel to the lake, Dustflame tries to comfort her, but she is still troubled. When they get to the lake, and they're all settled down in their own territories, Mosslegs tells Dustflame that she must go back to Thunderclan because of her grief. Dustflame is saddned, but lets her go. Before she goes, Dustflame tells her to meet with him every night, and she agrees. The next day she travels to Thunderclan and asks Firestar now if she can join. Even though redpelt doesn't want this, Firestar allows it. That night, Mosslegs creeps out of camp and meets Dustflame in a large meadow. He asks her if Thunderclan is treating her good and she says yes, even though Redpelt doesn't trust her. They make a nest and sleep untill morning. When she goes back to her camp, Blackfire asks her where she was that night, and she tells him that she went out on a walk then on the dawn patrol. He smells Windclan scent on her but doesn't tell her. For a few more moons Mosslegs and Dustflame meet with each other, and she says the same thing. In Newleaf, while she's eating a crow, Cinderpelt comes up to her and asks her if she ate alot of food recently. Mosslegs claims she only eats two times a day, and Cinderpelt says that she may be pregnant and then asks her if Blackfire is her mate. Mosslegs says no and she doesn't have a mate. Cinderpelt is suspicious but pads off with Leafpaw following her with herbs in her mouth. That night, she meets Dustflame and tells him that shes pregnant with his kits. He's happy for this, but she doesn't want anyone to find out, so she lets Blackfire as her mate to make sure no one thinks the worse, but she still helps Windclan whenever they need it. When she does have her kits, She names them Hawkkit, Mosskit, and Pebblekit. Hawkkit is the domenant one and doesn't take to nicely to listening to people, Mosskit is just like her mother, but only a little smaller, and Pebblekit is the runt and strangest then the others. When she was born, she didn't squeal or cry like the others did, she just layed there, asleep. Later when the kits are now apprentices, at a Gathering, Mosslegs tells Dustflame that she had three kits. He says Swiftfoot had Windclaw kits,too, but is excited to see them, but Mosslegs says that it'll cause a scene, so she tells him to wait untill he next Gathering. At the next Gathering, Firestar tells everyone there are three new warriors in Thunderclan. Hawktail, Mosspelt, and Pebbleheart. Dustflame is shocked that Mosslegs never told him this, so when they meet each other that night he confronts her about it. She claims that she was, but forgot to at the time because of the excitment. Dustflame then exclaims does she want happiness or love, but she replies she wants both and if she can't get it, then no clan is the place for her. She runs back to her camp and rests, leaving a stunned Dustflame behind. At the next fight with Wind against River, Dustflame waits for Mosslegs to come and help him, but she doesn't. Luckily, another warrior, named Silverpelt helps him out. He thanks her and sits on top of a boulder waiting for Mosslegs, who still doesn't come. That night, he asks Mosslegs why she didn't come to help Windclan fight River. She says that the clan is getting curious about what she's doing at night and why she isn't at camp asleep. Just then, they hear a rustle in a bush and find Pebbleheart spying on them. She asks who Dustflame is and Mosslegs says her father, but Pebbleheart says that she thought Blackfire was her father since he's Mosslegs' mate. She says Hawktail and Mosspelt is Blackfire's kits, but she's Dustflames'. Pebbleheart yells that she doesn't want to be half-clan and runs to the camp. Mosslegs tries to run after her, but Dustflame says that she'll understand in time. They go their seperate ways untill the next night.

Hate and DeathEdit

For a few days, Pebbleheart doesn't talk to Mosslegs about what happened yesterday, but Mosslegs still helps Windclan out when there's a fight. At the Gathering, Mosslegs tries to find Dustflame, but when she does, she sees he's talking to Silverpelt and she looks at her with a cold stare in her eyes. Mosslegs pads to Blackfire and they sit next together for the rest of the Gathering. That night, Mosslegs asks Dustflame if he likes Silverpelt and he says he doesn't, but she likes him. Mosslegs thinks otherwise, but lets it pass. They play fight a little, even though Mosslegs says play fighting is for kits and Dustflame pounces on her, and she gets a small cut on her ear. Dustflame apoligizes for it and wonders if it's ok, and Mosslegs says it's just a cut, not a wound. They go back to their seperate camps and rest. That day, Cinderpelt asks Mosslegs where she got that cut on her ear, and she says that it got caught on some brambles. Cinderpelt says brambles don't make cuts that look like claw marks. Mosslegs exclaims that it's nothing and to leave it at that. At another fight with Windclan and River, Mosslegs is pinned down by two warriors and yowls for Dustflame, but he doesn't come because Silverpelt has a sore paw and is taking her to the medicine cat for help. Mosslegs is outraged and kills both cats by throwing one and hitting a rock and the other by ripping it's neck open. She runs back to her camp and sees Cinderpelt for her injuries. She questions her about the wounds and she says she was attacked by a fox. That night when she meets with Dustflame, she exclaims why he didn't help her with the cats that attacked her. He says Silverpelt had a bad bite in her neck, and that he was taking her to the med den to get it checked. Mosslegs retorts and says that she had a sore paw and that being dead is better then getting a sore paw. She exclaims that if he does have feelings for her why did she even bother for coming to see him, or helping his 'kitty pet clan'. He yells, "It's better then having a mate that you don't even love!" She says, "Who said i don't love Blackfire?" Dustflame is shocked and warns her that if he ever sees her in his territory she's dead, and she say's he's her enemy forever more and he's on her prey pile already. They go back to their camps, ending their friendship forever.

Love Can KillEdit

Ten moons pass, and Mosslegs has Blackfire's kits, Redkit and Blackkit. Blackfire is happy, but Pebbleheart confronts Mosslegs and asks her if any of them are from Windclan and she gives her a warning growl. Before the next Gathering, Firestar sends out a border patrol and find Redpelt's body. They think it is a loner or rouge that murdered him, and burry his body by the Sky Oak. When they go to the Gathering, Mosslegs smells Smokenight and is about to pad up to him to talk, but stops when she senses Dustflame. Blackfire padds up to her and asks if she's ok because she is digging her claws into a stick and staring straight at Dustflame. She apoligizes and goes to a ledge and talks to Blackfire. When she padds off, Dustflame turns and sees her. He is about to talk to her when Silverpelt comes and says that he shouldn't talk to a 'mouse brained Thunderclanner'. He nodds and they both sit together for the rest of the Gathering. Leopardstar says that Riverclan is thriving, and Blackstar says the same, and Onestar says that some rouges attacked them,but they are fine. Firestar says that they have two new kits, Redkit and Blackkit. Blackfire and Mosslegs stand up proudly, but Mosslegs gives Dustflame a cold stare. The next day, Blackfire gives Mosslegs a mouse and asks if she still loves Dustflame. She retorts and claims that if she did she would have never came to Thunderclan, but she is happy that she is in Thunderclan with Blackfire by her side. They rub noses and he padds off to join a hunting patrol. At the next fight with Windclan, Dustflame is cornered by two Shadowclan cats and yowls for Silverpelt. He sees a flash of black and brown, thinking it is Mosslegs, and is saved by it. He tries to thank the cat for saving him, but can't find it. He leaves the battle wondering and confused. He goes up to Silverpelt and asks if she saved him, but she says that a cat named Clawface helped her and she was in the med den treating her wounds.

Stories of the PastEdit

One Morning while Mosslegs is eating a vole that the new apprentices, Redpaw and Blackpaw, have caught, she has visions of when Blackclaw almost killed her. When she yowls Blackfire comes running and soothes her down and asks her what happened, even though Mosslegs doesn't really know either. Later on that day, while she is out hunting, she sees a patrol of Windclanners with Dustflame coming toward her patrol. Blackfire questions the Windclan patrol and they tell them they must speak to Firestar. The Thunderclan patrol escorts the Windclan patrol to their camp and Mosslegs watches them firmly. When they do get to camp, Mosslegs has another vision of when she kills Redpelt, and tastes blood in her mouth. She shakes it off and watches from the warrior den as the Windclanners talk to Firestar. When they get done, Mosslegs and her patrol excort the Windclanners out of Thunderclan territory and they padd back to Thunderclan camp. As they do, she turns and sees the place of where Dustflame and her would sneak out to see each other. She has a vision of when they were together and she seems crestfallen. Blackfire questions her and she replies still sad and feeling lonly. When they get back to camp, she goes straight to the warrior den and sleeps. When she wakes up, she sees a crowd of cats outside in the clearing and she pads toward them. She doesn't get a tail lenght toward them when she sees Hawktail, lying lifeless and sightlesly toward the sun. Mosslegs gets a vision of when she kills the two Riverclan cats while fighting with Dustflame and collapses. When she wakes up, she sees Hawktail waiting for her. She whimpingly asks if she's in Starclan but he shakes his head. He shows her a small kit that looks just like Mosslegs lying next to a cat that looks like Mosspelt. Mosslegs questions Hawktail about this and he replies that the kit is her ancester. Before she can question him anymore, she is back in Thunderclan camp and is in the medicine den. She closes her eyes and rests.

Journey's EndEdit

The following morning, Mosslegs wakes up and goes on the dawn patrol. While they pad out of camp, she asks Blackfire where Pebbleheart went, but he says she disappered in the night. When they come back from patrolling, they see three Windclanners in camp and Mosslegs launches the attack. Before she can kill one, Firestar tells her the Windclanners came for a peace treaty, and that there is no use for battle. Before she leaves the Windclanner alone, she finds out it's Dustflame and leaves a nip in his ear. She growls over her shoulder that that's what he gets for nipping her ear. She watches from afar as the Windclanners negotiate with Firestar and then leave. Later on in the day, she wakes up to hear the sound of yowling. She pads into the clearing and sees that Windclan ambushed a Thunderclan patrol and they're dangerously outnumbered, Blackfire being in that patrol. Before anyone can pursuade her otherwise, she charges through the tunnel and into battle. When she gets there, she sees Blackfire lying in a pool of blood, Dustflame fighting next to him. She charges and rams into the Windclanner and almost kills him when she is overpowered by other Windclanners. As she feels her life ebbing away, someone drags her back to camp. She is layed into the medicine den and slowly dies. Before she joins Starclan, Yellowfang takes her to the nursery. Mosslegs questions her and Yellowfang simply points to a kitting Mosspelt. Yellowfang replies that Mosslegs' life may be over, but her sucsessor will rise. She follows Yellowfang to Starclan, but looks over her shoulder to see a kit that looks just like her squeal for milk. She smiles and ends her journey as a warrior. The End

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