MudClan is a long-lost Clan that will return in soon.


Leader Graystar-silver she-cat with a glossy, tabby coat.

Deputy Russetclaw-rust-colored tom with flame-colored paws.

Medicine Cat Cedarneedle-busy gray tabby tom.Apprentice, Sparklefrost

Warriors Salamandorfellow-tortiseshell and white tom.Apprentice, Frostpaw.

Ferretfur-brown tom with white underbelly.

Marshfrost-gray tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

Giantheart-friendly tortiseshell and white she-cat.Apprentice,Willowpaw

Weedwhisker-rust-colored she-cat with long, pionty whiskers.Apprentice, Larkpaw

Branchlegs-dusky brown tom with long, tree-colored legs.

Heathereyes-pale tabby tom with wide, blue eyes.

Burrowfoot-white tabby tom with brown, mud-splattered feet.Apprentice, Sorrelpaw

Elders Mudfeather-small old dusky brown tom.

Budbrach-tortiseshell and white she-cat

Queens Elkfur-thick furred black she-cat.Kits-Deerkit, Blackkit, Fallkit.

Longpoppy-old gray tabby she-cat.Kits- Bumblekit, Tablelandkit.

Apprentices Sparklefrost-white she-cat with peircing blue eyes.

Larkpaw-puffy white tabby tom.

Willowpaw-furry brown she-cat.

Sorrelpaw-tortiseshell and white tabby tom.

Frostpaw-light gray tabby tom.

Kits Bumblekit-yellow tabby tom.

Tablelandkit-tiny dusky, pale gray she-cat.

Blackkit-pure black tom.

Deerkit-thick-furred black tabby tom.

Fallkit-pale brown she-cat.

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