Mudflight is a sleek, reddish brown tabby tom with bright green eyes.

Clan(s) Thunderclan
Gender Tom
Rank Warrior
Basic Info
Parents Leafsplash and Runningstep
Litter-Mate(s) Morningkit, Adderkit, and Fernkit
Mate(s) Hazeldawn
Children Petalkit, Owlkit, Pebblekit, and Mintkit
Mentor(s) Flintstorm
Apprentice(s) Rowanpaw ( Rowanpelt )
Alive Books Rising Waters, Dark Frost, Red Moon, Call of Fire
Owner Scorchstar7

Information Edit

Names Edit

Kit: Mudkit

Apprentice: Mudpaw

Warrior: Mudflight

Trivia Edit

  • Mudflight shares his eye color with his mom and dad.
  • He was Leafsplash's only surviving kit.
  • He wanted Scorchfire as his mentor, becuase she became good friends with the kit, but she had Violetpaw as an apprentice at the time.