Mudpelt EarthClan
Clan(s) EarthClan and FireClan
Basic Info
Parents Cloudfoot and Brimblefur
Litter-Mate(s) Dustpaw
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) Pebblepelt
Apprentice(s) None



Mudkit was born in EarthClan during bare-leaf along with Dustkit. His mother was Cloudfoot and his father was Brimblefur. He lived in the nursry for six moons and foten played with his den-mates Daisykit and Larkkit. Soon they became apprentices and a few moons later Mudpaw got some new playmate named Pinekit and Smokekit. Mudkit soo became the Medicine Cat's apprentece.


Mudpaw's mentor was Pebblepelt the Medicine Cat of EarthClan. When Mudpaw became an apprentice, he started tof elt like he didn't belong in EarthClan. He didn't see his mother or father much or his sister. He gathered herds and berries for Pebblepelt. When Mudpaw was eight moons old he started having strange dreams of another clan. Driven by his new dreams Mudpaw left EarthClan to find this other Clan of warriors. He finally located the newly formed FireClan.


Medicine CatEdit

Crimsonstreak allowed Mudpaw to stay after he and Silverfang and a dream from SpiritClan. Mudpaw went to the MoonCave where the Moontooth lay along with Pebblepelt so he could become a Medicine Cat. The anestors in SpiritClan told him he was t be FireClan's Medicine Cat. When Mudpaw returned he was now Mudpelt and the new Medicine Cat of FireClan.


Mother: Cloudfoot

Father: Brimblefur

Sister: Dustpaw




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