Founders Musicdream, Aldershine, The "Keeper" of the Stars, Witherglow, and Frostfly
Current Stats
Current Leader Shinestar
Current Deputy Quailfur
Current Medicine Cat Jayfruit

MusicClan Edit

Welcome to Music Clan, A Clan of heart, friendship, loyalty, and bravery. They like lush, green forests with water nearby, preferably waterfalls. They eat all sorts of prey, including mice, squirrels, birds, rabbits, the occasional frog, and sometimes fish, and they like to chase beavers around, when the elders are`nt complaining. It is unknown how they formed; some cats say that their first leader, Musicdream, was created from music itself. They are pleasant and cheerful cats, but you never know, every cat can bring darkness...

Leadership Edit

Musicdream, the first leader, was interested at the idea of making a "Clan", so she started gathering cats to follow her, and the ones who refused lived outside the borders and were not allowed to pass, unless it was an emergency. One of her most loyal followers, Alder, was given the name Aldershine and became deputy. She later became leader when Musicdream died and made Sulfurclaw her deputy. It then when on with Sulfurstar, Geodestar, Lavastar, and Shinestar.

Deputies Edit

Deputies are made based on how loyal, brave, smart and confident they are. Cats who are lazy, drab and unintelligent "never have a chance" and are the ones who usually retire early. Cats who died as deputy are honored for giving their life to save the Clan, and the cat who is next in line becomes the new deputy. The ones who died as deputy are Currentbreeze, Mineclaw, Tigerfur and Glassclaw. These cats live in memory and have stone graves, unlike most cats who die. The ones who made it are the leaders listed above in the Leadership section. The current deputy is Quailfur, though he is old.

Medicine cats Edit

Medicine cats, like leaders and deputies, play one of the most important roles in the Clan. Medicine cats usually live longer than most cats, and never fight unless they have to. They are alot of the time have very colorful pelts and do not at all mind getting dirty. You must also be very brave to be medicine cat; it requires patience, risk, and getting your paws sticky with spiderwebs. You must think twice before taking on the role, because once you do, there is no turning back.

Cats Edit

Leader: ShInestar- A lovely silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes and bangs that go down to her shoulder

Deputy: Quailfur- Old light brown tom with dark brown stripes and small, swift paws

Medicine cat- Jayfruit: Silver and blue-gray she-cat with beautiful indigo eyes and a orange-spotted tail

Warriors (toms and she-cats without kits)

Bunnytail- albino tom with a soft face and hard pads, father of Berrytopaz`s kits Apprentice, Riftpaw

Wisptail- Handsome goldish tom with blue eyes

Skyberry- Blue-gray she-cat with white spots Apprentice, Aurorapaw

Redlizard- Reddish tom with a brown tail

Treewhisker-tortoiseshell tom with a brown tail; Redlizard`s brother

Applesplash-energetic young she-cat with a reddish and blue-gray pelt and green eyes Apprentice, Sapphirepaw

Embermeadow-black and orange she-cat Apprentice, Winterpaw

Fogblaze-gray and ginger tom, father of Riverflame`s kits

Moonshimmer-blue-gray she-cat

Sproutscale-slim brown tabby tom with a slick, curvy tail

Auburnpelt- Auburn colored she-cat with huge amber eyes Apprentice, Beepaw

Honeysorrel- Golden-brown she-cat

Whiteclaw- powerful white tom with a strangly white claw Apprentice, Mountainpaw

Lichenflash- Old gray tom, losing sight in one eye

Silversnow- shiny silver and white she-cat with deep blue eyes

Lapisrose- reddish and blue-gray she-cat; a recent warrior and Applesplash`s little sister

Dawnbloom- gold and white she-cat

Icefire- ginger and white tom; Dawnbloom`s brother

Hailquake- grey and brown tom Apprentice, Berrypaw

Rainspark- jumpy blue-gray and black tom

Darkstorm- pitch-black tom

Apprentices(more than six moons old; training to become warriors)

Aurorapaw- tall white, blue-gray and rose-cream she-cat with blue eyes

Riftpaw- black tom with strange indigo paws

Sapphirepaw- white she-cat with red "bangs" and blue eyes

Winterpaw- black and egg-white she-cat

Berrypaw- cream she-cat with shockingly blue eyes

Moutainpaw- brown and white tom

Beepaw- black, brown and gray tom

Queens (she-cat expecting or nursing kits)

Berrytopaz-light cream-blue she-cat, mother of Bunnytail`s kits: Gravitykit(colorful she-cat), Dragonkit(cream-blue tom), Snakekit(sleek brown tom with white paws), and Snowkit(albino she-cat)

Riverflame- Ginger and grey she-cat, mother of Fogblaze`s kits: Diamondkit(ginger and grey she-cat) Leafkit( small light brown and gray tom) and Lemonkit(yellowish and ginger tom)

Mistflight- wisty gray she-cat, mother of Wisptail`s kits: Sparkkit(pretty goldish she-cat) and Cavekit(wisty gray tom)

Featherwind- silver tabby she-cat, expecting Whiteclaw`s kits

Elders(retired warriors and queens)

Steelfur-used to be very strong, gray tom with yellow eyes

Willowtail-blind blue-gray she-cat

Ashmoss- oldest cat in the Clan, golden with milky green eyes

Coalscorch- black tom

Rivals Edit

Musicclan`s known rivals are Arcticclan, Roseclan, Opalclan and Brightclan. They are mostly rivals with Opalclan, because they suspect darkness brewing up somewhere in there.... They are friends with Roseclan and Arcticclan, but Brightclan just gets on their nerves sometimes.

Territory Edit

Musicclan`s territory is located in the most lush parts of the forest, with a small stream here and there. They like to climb evergreen trees and trees with thick bark, and there is also lots of undergrowth. They are located in the east, Brightclan in the center, Roseclan in the south, Arcticclan in the north and Opalclan in the west. They like to stalk through the plants and fallen leaves to catch their prey, unlike lots of the other clans who run tramping after it.

The leader`s den is located in the highest part in the camp, in a hole below a hollow tree. The medicine cat`s den is two ancient rocks lodged together to make quite a large den, the warrior`s den is in a space in below some rocks, the apprentice den is a small cave with moss inside it, the nursery is made out of a large and comfy bush with no thorns and the elder`s den is made out of an old log.

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