MysticClan is a clan that is said to have magical elements on their side. This is because they have such successful and unexplainable fights.

MysticClan's Symbol

The symbol for MysticClan

Cats of the ClanEdit


  • Position: Leader

At one time, a young she-cat felt unsafe, so she started a clan and gathered as many cats in the forest as she could. Originally, she called herself Heartpaw because she wasn't intending to be leader. But because all the other cats had positions already, she took the leader's position. One night she dreamed about StarClan, who told her that her clan would be special. Indeed it was.


  • Position: Warrior

Shimmerpelt is one out of 4 of the more.......peculiar cats. She likes Twoleg food and can make almost ANY Twoleg reference. Some cats have asked if she was originally a kittypet, but she is actually not. Her best friend is Iceclaw.


  • Position: Warrior

Iceclaw, like Shimmerpelt, can make Twoleg references. She is Shimmerpelt's Partner in Crime, her WingCat, or to put it plainly, her BFF.


  • Position: Warrior

Greatsight has the ability to see almost any attack, no matter what. He thinks that it might be StarClan's doing, and that the fact he's blind in one eye might be a sign of it. He is in love with Shimmerpelt.


  • Position: Warrior

Nobody knows much about Speckledfur except that he has a crush on Iceclaw.

Battle TacticsEdit

  • High Jump- any cat can climb to the highest point of a tree or other platform, jump off, and land on their opponent safely and perfectly
  • Stun Claw- when an enemy is scratched, they have trouble moving. This move was first discovered by Iceclaw (thus her name).
  • Strong Kick- Like a normal kick, but strong enough to always knock a cat on its flank

Clan's TerritoryEdit

The clan's territory is in a small forest near a Twoleg neighborhood

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