Founders Crystalfur
Current Stats
Current Leader Nightstar
Current Deputy Blazetail
Current Medicine Cat Crystalpool
Apprentice(s) 2

None of this information I put here is the same QUIT IT!

The ClanEdit

Formed by the rouge cat Night, Nightstar, Many cats joined his cause. When Night left, his young daughter Soulkit, Soulstar, Became leader. Young Soulstar was but she was loved by all the cats of NightClan. NightClan is based in the hill tops of a mountain.

Members (Before Frost/Night war)Edit

Leader: Smokestar.-grey she-cat with green eyes 

Deputy: Not decided yet

Medicine Cat: Lakepool.-white she-cat with grey paws and lime green eyes


Lizardstripe.-Brown she-cat with tabby markens

Tangleheart - Large white and spotted tom

Cocoheart - Light brown, medium She-cat

Echoclaw - White and brown, large tom

Wildclaw-Solid brown, medium tom

Blazeheart - Grey-ish red, large She-cat

Winterfur - Black and white spotted, large tom

Wingfur - Black and brown, medium She-cat

Apprentices: Lightpaw -Yellow-ish and dark grey, small She-cat Mentor: Wildclaw

Rosepaw -Light red, medium She-cat Mentor: Cocoheart

Burnpaw - Black-ish red, small she-cat Mentor: Stormheart

Wavepaw - Tinges of blue against his grey and brown fur Mentor: Echoclaw, Mingfeather

Queens: Morningfur-gold and white, She-cat

Sunnyheart-Golden, She-cat

Elders: Mingfeather-brown and gold, She-cat

Zenheart-Blue-ish tan, Tom

Mintwind-calico she cat

Members (after 6 years)Edit

Leader: Bloodstar- Large black tom with blood red paws

Deputy: Wavesoul- Grey and brown with tinges of blue, medium tom

Medicine cat- Blazehowl- Orange small she-cat

Warriors: Echoclaw- a large white cat with brown spots

Solarheart- A medium black she-cat with specks of white

Wingfur- A medium black and brown she-cat

Blazeheart- a grey-ish red she-cat, small

Wildclaw- a solid brown medium tom

Swiftwind- a pure white she-cat, medium

Ghostclaw- a pure white medium tom cat

Lightheart- a yellow-ish and dark grey small she-cat

Rosefang- a light rose red medium she-cat (hidden Love Blackfeather)


Featherpaw- a red-ish she-cat with two white spots above her eyes


Sunnyheart- Golden she-cat


Mintwind- Calico she-cat

Morningfur- Gold and white she-cat

Zenheart- Blue-ish tan tom


Based in the mountains. Other clans are FrostClan, StreamClan, and LightingClan

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