Nightclan (known by the other clans) is known to be the most bloodthirsty out of all the clans. Usually when there is trouble in the forest Nightclan is usually the one to blame because it homes the most evil cats to live like Darkstar and Deadstar. Nightclan was founded by an ancient tribe cat Nightstar whose old name was Dark Night. He had a sister named Bright Day whose Warrior name was Brightsky was the second Nightclan leader.

Allegiances Edit

Leader: Birchstar- tom

Deputy: Darkheart- tom

Medicine cat: Lakeshine

Warriors Edit

Russetpelt- she-cat apprentice, Spikepaw

Darkheart- tom apprentice, Smoothpaw

Needlefur- she-cat apprentice, Honeypaw

Bumbletail- tom apprentice, Pouncepaw

Morningpelt- she-cat apprentice, Wasppaw

Cloudbird- she-cat

Blazefur- tom

Fruitheart- she-cat

Fernfoot- she-cat

Rivertail- tom

Finchtail- tom

Dewcloud- she-cat

Apprentices Edit

Spikepaw- tom

Smoothpaw- she-cat

Honeypaw- she-cat

Pouncepaw- tom

Wasppaw- tom

Queens Edit

Grassfur- she-cat

Maplenose- she cat mother of Oakkit, Leopardkit, Lakekit, Shalekit and, Redkit

Elders Edit

Pinefur- tom

Scratchfur- tom

Stoatscar- she-cat

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