Nightshade Ironclan
Clan(s) Ironclan
Rank Medicine Cat
Basic Info
Parents Gorsefeather, Darksnout
Litter-Mate(s)  Amberkit, Petalkit, Iceiclekit
Mate(s) None
Children None
Apprentice(s) None


"What if you can't change your destiny? I really want to change mine! My dream last night said i had to be a medicine cat!" - Nightkit to Gorsefeather.


Nightkit is a jet black tom with four white paws and a fluffy tail.


Nightkit is born to Gorsefeather and Darksnout along with his litter-mates Amberkit,Iciclekit, and Petalkit. They are all born very weak and Petalkit can't talk because of it. Nightkit meows though very strongly but he is born blind. Amberkit however, is the strongest of the litter.

Later at night, Nightkit ask Amberkit if she wanted to explore the forest. Amberkit replies saying that they might get killed and never become warriors. Nightkit thinks about this finally says that Amberkit is right. He later has a dream and Ironstar says that he will be a medicine cat, not a warrior.

The next morning, Nightkit complains to his mother Gorsefeather about this and Gorsefeather lies that you can change your destiny. Nightkit is still complaining and finally ask why he was going to be a medicine cat. Gorsefeather says he is blind and cannot be a warrior but a medicine cat.

Nightkit is depressed after that and weeps in his sleep. Six moons later, Blackstar makes Petalkit and Amberkit apprentices and made Nightkit a medicine cat apprentice. Nightpaw is deeply angry about this and yells at Petalkit and Amberkit for not feeling bad for him.

After the ceromony, Nightpaw goes to see the medicine cat Mosspelt(Mosspelt was the medicine cat when Nightkit was born so Mosspelt isn't the current medicine cat.) Mosspelt greets him warmly and tells him that being a medicine cat has the same pride as being a warrior.

Nightpaw struggles at being a medicine cat as he almost ate deathberries after mistaking them for juniper berries since he is blind. He learns though, quickly after a few moons of training. Nightpaw is overjoyed at the thought of being a medicine cat unlike the feeling he got as a kit.

Petalkit becomes Petalfur and Amberpaw becomes Amberstripe. Nightpaw becomes Nightshade as he is keen and his fur blends in with darkness. Nightshade is very happy but acts humble unlike Amberstripe. Nightshade congragulates Petalfur and Amberkit for becoming warriors. They nod there head in thanks.

Medicine Cat PositionEdit

A few moons after Nightshade's medicine cat ceromony, Mosspelt dies from falling of the gorge trying to collect herbs but slipping. Her death upset Nightshade greatly and it upset him so much, he avoided talking about her. He grieves for a long time and when they retrive Mosspelt's body, he refuses to leave it.

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