Clan(s) Mistclan
Gender She-Cat
Rank Warrior
Basic Info
Parents Scourge (Dad) Silverstar (Mom) Stormfeather (Step Father)
Litter-Mate(s) Blazetail, Rockheart
Mate(s) Graystripe
Mentor(s) Crystalheart
Apprentice(s) Whitepaw
Age 29 Moons
Nightsky is a She-Cat related to the legendary Scourge of Bloodclan but she doesn't share any of his personality traits at all. Nightsky is much kinder than Scourge and she is also much wiser than him too.

About Nightsky Edit

Nightsky is known as Starclan's greatest warrior next to Silverstar she is also a very fierce warrior and one of the strongest in Mistclan. She is the daughter of Scourge the cat who killed Tigerstar and many other innocent cats. Nightsky is currently the deputy of Mistclan at the moment. She fights by Crystalstars side at this time.

Family Edit

Parents Edit

Silverstar-A She-Cat With A Silver Pelt And Blue Eyes

Scourge-A Small Black Tom With One White Paw, Pale, Icy-Blue Eyes, And A Torn Left Ear

Siblings Edit

Blazetail-A Fiery Pelted She-Cat With One White Paw And Green Eyes

Rockheart-A She-Cat With A Brown Pelt Dappled With Light Brown Spots And Brown Eyes

Mates Edit

Darkstripe-A Grey Tom With Black Stripes On His Back With Brown Eyes