Nightsoul CometClan
Clan(s) WoodsClan, CometClan
Rank Warrior
Basic Info
Parents Dawnfrost and Unnamed tom
Litter-Mate(s) Poppyheart, Totemwing
Mate(s) None(He never really liked the idea)
Children None


Nightsoul is a loyal warrior though he is usually grumpy, has a ferocious temper, and doesn't like apperentices that aren't his.  He his only friendly toward his apperentices and the Medicine cat, Deputy, and Leader.


Mother:Dawnfrost-Living(As of Cold Flame)

Father:Unnamed Tom-Status Unknown

Sisters:Poppyheart-Deaceased(Verified StarClan Member)

Totemwing-Living (As of Burning Gorge)

Aunt:Dappledfur-Living (As of Cold Flame)

Uncle:Twistedstar-Living(As of Cold Flame)

Grandmother:Shadowspire-Deaceased(Verified VoidClan Member)



As all kits, Nightkit was playful and curious.  He loved play-fighting with his sisters (Poppykit and Totemkit) and dreaming of being a warrior.  


Nightpaw was very excited to be an appernetice and got Stormeye as a mentor.  One day he ran onto the Thunderpath and got hit by a monster though it didn't kill him.  He was soon rescued by Stormeye and brought to the Medicine cat den.  Nightpaw was trembling but said he was fine except that one of his front paws was twisted at an odd angle and he complained that it hurt badly.  The medicine cat Emeraldleaf said his paw was broken and dislocated but that it would heal.  His training was delayed but as soon as he was better he wanted to start right away.  Though after the incident he was afraid of the Thunderpath so he suggested that they hunt in the woods instead.


Nightpaw now known as Nightsoul was a very talented and well respected warrior.  He soon got his first apperentice, Cinderpaw.  Cinderpaw wanted to hunt near the Thunderpath which flooded memories into Nightsoul.  But not wanting to disappoint his apperentice he reluctenly said yes.  Cinderpaw chased a shrew onto the Thunderpath and a monster raced towards her.  Not wanting to what happed to him happen to her he quickly grabbed her and threw her into a nearby bush.  Cinderpaw was angry at him but her anger turned into gratefulness when Nightsoul told her that a monster was about to hit her.  As soon as Cinderpaw became Cinderlight, Nightsoul wanted another apperntice so he got to train Fernpaw.  Fernpaw learned so quickly that she became Fernheart in only six moons.  He then got another apperentice Pepperpaw.  One day he, Pepperpaw, and his sister Poppyheart went on a patrol.  They ran into Smolder, the leader of OutClan.  OutClan cats love to kill and Smolder was no different.  He lunged at Pepperpaw seriously wounding him.  Poppyheart leaped on Smolder trying to get to the throat.  But Smolder rolled over and Poppyheart was flung off.  Smolder teared at her neck, killing her. Out of pure hate, Nightsoul tried to crush Smolder's neck but instead bit his leg.  It didn't kill Smolder but sent him running.  Pepperpaw and Nightsoul carried Poppyheart's body back to the camp.  At the entrance Pepperpaw collasped and died later that night.  Nightsoul was heartbroken.  He became very grumpy, exiled himself, and to avenge his sister and apperentice's deaths, vowed to kill any OutClan warriors he saw.  He joined CometClan and got a new apperentice, Littlepaw.  He learned quickly too.  After he became Littlebreeze, Nightsoul got Coldpaw as an apperentice.  He became Coldpelt soon and Nightsoul got Squirrelpaw as an apperentice.  Nightsoul is still in CometClan today and is still Squirrelpaw's mentor.