Nightstar NightClan
Clan(s) NightClan and MountainStarClan
Basic Info
Parents Unknown
Litter-Mate(s) Unknown
Mate(s) Shadeflower
Children Soulstar
Mentor(s) Rouge cats
Apprentice(s) Unknown

Nightstar was one of the first Founders and first Leader of NightClan.

Life HistoryEdit


Night was born in a small field. His parents were taken from him at a young age. He left the small field and ran to the mountains. When he arrived in the mountains, rouges were everywhere. They raised the young Night and trained him in their ways.


Night became a founder of NightClan. When he was forming NightClan, a beautiful rouge named, Shade, joined his new clan before any other cats. Night and Shade became mates and Night renamed his mate to Shadeflower, the flower in reference to her beauty.

NightClan Leader:Edit

He lead NightClan with a strong will. His goal was to banded all the rouges into one NightClan. However Frost, Lighting, and Stream gathered some rouges. As Night lead, Shadeflower had a daughter. Her pelt was grey and dark grey spots covered some of her body. He named her Soulkit, because her pelt was the color of a soul. He became well known throughout the mountains but had become ill. He became so sick, he could hardly move. As he went for a walk, a young FrostClan cat named Coldheart jumped the old leader and killed him.

Family Edit

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Litter-Mates: Unknown

Mate: Shadeflower

Daughter: Soulstar



Shadeflower NightClan

Soulstar NightClan