Nightwhisper DarkClan
Clan(s) Darkclan
Rank Warrior
Basic Info
Parents Shadowpetal, Scarface
Litter-Mate(s) Scowlfur, Lightpaw
Mate(s) None


Nightwhisper is a member of the rogue clan, Darkclan. He is evil and has a demonic heart.


Nightwhisper is a lightish black with four milky white paws. His fur is long and his tail is very silky. The color of his eyes are an emerald green.


Nightkit was born in an evil clan by Shadowpetal and Scarface. His litter-mates were Scowlkit and Lightkit. His life was good with a hint of bitterness. Shadowpetal neglected all of her kits including Nightkit. Angry, he hisses suddenly at his mother with a tone of anger. His mother was shocked and told the leader. Nightkit was punished by getting bit on the tail and peirced on his ear.

Scowlkit teased him and started calling him, "Hole Ears". Luckily, Nightkit shut him up with a menacing glare. Scarface was proud of his kits as they fought a lot. 6 moons later, Lightkit, Nightkit, and Scowlkit became apprentices. Nightkit now went by the name Nightpaw. His mentor was Sunstripe which was a handsome tom with dark yellow stripes.

"I am very happy to have an apprentice..."  Sunstripe commented grumpily. Lightpaw and Scowlpaw told Nightpaw that maybe Sunstripe didn't like him because he was pathetic and weak. "I AM NOT!" he shouted at them angrily and stormed off to begin training. His mentor glanced at him stubbornly.

Nightpaw was a skilled fighter and killer. The only thing he wasn't so good at was hunting for the worms. A few days later, Lightpaw suggested they go kill something. "A wolf maybe." she remarked and smiled at her brothers. They botha greed so at night, they would sneak into the woods.

Nightpaw was a little afraid but shook it off. Finally, the three apprentices found a loner wolf near the sewer pond. The wolf attacked them and instantly ripped out Nightpaw's flank. He yelped in pain and fell flat on his face. Lightpaw defended by raking her black claws down the wolf's face. It was a small scratch with little pain.

Sadly, the beast bit down hard on Lightpaw's chest and shook her around then threw her on a tree. She was bleeding iternally and was dying. "No!" Scowlpaw yowled as he gazed at his sister's lifeless body. Nightpaw placed a paw on his shoulder also crying. 'She's dead". was all he meowed.

Both of them brang Lightpaw's body to camp but no cat cared. "Darkclan cats don't greive." Shadowpetal said hastily before padding away to her den. After that incident, Nightpaw and Scowlpaw became revengeful. Eventually, they became warriors by the names of Nightwhisper and Scowlfur. Their lives are now great and they had killed that wolf.


Nightwhisper's personality is bloodthirsty and very revengeful after an incident with his sister. He is always grumpy or found sitting alone in the moonlight.