Northeast Clans are groups of Clans cats that live in Northeast part of the USA, at first there were 6 clans but one died out by a civil war and the other by disease. There have been four main clans.



The Mountain Clan was led by Montainstar, but life in the montains were tough, the group suffered to found food in the winter and others were killed by hawks in the summer. In 2001, Mountainstar was taken by a hawk, Luckystar took leadership of the group, but many of the warriors and queens left the clans for other clans. Luckystar and his four followers died in the winter of 2002.



Whitewater clan was led by Waterstar but within 6 months Waterstar died and the other cats get sick by diease and the group wipeout.





A group formed by rogue clan, at first seem peace but but when Animalstar died, his deputy Snakefang want to rule all the clans. They took out Snowclan but couldn't defeat Grass clan, they group was soon taken down and lost.

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