Oakclan is a very large clan of cats living in a forest. They were founded by a stray cat named Feather, who went on the shape the clan as it is. The clan has been alive for many, many years. This clan was Fanmade.

Leader, Deputy, and Medicine CatEdit

Hawkstar is a massive dark brown tabby tom, with white tips on his tail and paws. He is a wise an strong leader, and makes the right decisions to build and help his Clan.

Riverclaw is a thickset orange tabby tom. Riverclaw always stands beside Hawkstar, and helps him lead to the right decisions.

Sunbear is a short-haired brown and white tabby she-cat. She had a love for herbs as a young cat, and went on to be a helpful medicine cat.


Adderclaw: pale brown tabby tom, strong and a great hunter.
Applesky: a short-haired light grey she-cat, swift but sometimes clumsy.
Bearsplash: a long-haired light brown tabby she-cat, a wetpaw
Cloverpelt: calico she-cat, sarcastic and playful
Copperpelt: handsome massive orange tom, very skilled warrior and hunter.
Crowtalon: swift black tom, headstrong but a great warrior.
Cypressfoot: a brown tabby tom with streaks of brown, smart and thoughtful
Ebonyflame: Beautiful black and brown longhaired she-cat, swift, strong, but very insecure.
Fawnrock: a stubborn white and pale brown tabby tom, swift and a great hunter.
Gooseleap: white and black tom, a favored cat among Oakclan.
Harewillow: many shades of brown she-cat, swift and strong, formerly a queen.
Hazelclaw: Strong, faithful white and dark brown tom, a skilled warrior
Iceclaw: a pale grey


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