Founders Demonclaw and Whitestar
Current Stats
Current Leader Demonclaw
Current Deputy Demon Dog
Current Medicine Cat None
Apprentice(s) All evil cats

OblivionClan is the name of the Clan of dead cat who don't go to SpiritClan. This Clan lives in the depths of the Underworld where Demonclaw reign serpeme. These cats can't travel to the upperworld but can sometimes visit in dreams but when they do, Demonclaw drags them back down to his world were he claws there insides out. Being that they are dead, they can not die again but they do feel pain. After they are "killed" by Demonclaw they cannot move for a few minuts as their bodies respace themselves again. Those who died bare the scares of what had killed them. Most don't know they are dead and after some time in the darkness of the Underworld they do relize their death.

Just place your decease evil dead cat in the places delow, depending on their last rank before they died and what they looked like and what Clan they were from. Also put what killed them, keep it brief.


Only Demonclaw has power over the whole Underworld.


There is no one deputy. Rather Demonclaw has a group of guards called Hell Hounds who protect any hope of a way out and keep the dead cats in their place. Other creatues are also guards, like the demon bats, rats, spiders and sometimes even a demon cat! Demonclaw has captains who each watch over one area of his world.

Medicine CatsEdit

Since the dead cats cannot die again, there is no need for a medicine cat. Simlply, the dead cats heal themselves but keep their former shape when they died, like if they are injured the wound will simply remain but does not bother the dead cats. If a can it hit by a car before they die and was bably miss-shapen then they simply look at nothing had happen but blood pores out of their eyes, mouth and nose.


Leader: Demonclaw – a giant crimson tom with huge claws, spikes, four fangs and bat wings, a bad omen if seen
Demonclaw's Cave

Demonclaw in the Underworld

Deputy: Hell Hounds or Demon Dogs (Guards of the Underworld)

Medicine Cat: None

Dead Leaders

Froststar – former leader of GreenClan

Dead Warrior

Yellowtail – a slim gray she-cat with a orange tail, formerly of GreenClan.

Crystle-eyes – a wiry-black she-cat, formerly of PineClan.

Sunrise – a yellow tom with orange eyes, former warrior of JungleClan

Dead Apprentice

Dead Queens

Dead Elders

Dead Kits (If there will any evil kits)


OblivionClan really have no rivals since no one can leave the Underworld to fight another Clan. Dead cats can touch still living cats. SpiritClan is consitered to be a rival by living cats but SpiritClan don't travel into the territory of the Underworld or they will be trapped by Demonsclaw.


OblivionClan lives in the darkest depths of the Spirit World. They do not live in the earth, but in another world all together. Their world resembles earth but in a cave with some strange dark trees and plants with thorns here and there, caverns filled with demon bats and rats. They walls are dark with only a few peices of light shining out like stars. The smell of blood hangs in the air and never goes away and it is very cold even if someplaces have fire.

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