Founders Oceanstar, Clawsplash, Weedwhisker, Saltyfur, Windtail, Tidesplash and Seaweedtail
Current Stats
Current Leader Oceanstar
Current Deputy Windtail
Current Medicine Cat Rosepad

Role Playing is closed till farther notice, OceanClan is not taking in anymore role playing cats.

OceanClan is for Role Playing. Their rivals are IceClan. OceanClan cats that are solf colors like sandy, peach, hazel, white or gray are usualy one solid color. However the dark color cats are usualy more then one color like tabby, dapple, spotted or patch. These cats can swim, climb up or in rocks and hunt in the reeds. These cats also eat seaweed. Their names usually are related to the ocean or water, baring names or plant and animals located in or around the water.

If you wish to join, please read the Role Play Rules. Then please leave a Message on Aniju Aura's user talk about your joining and who who are. Once you receave a respond then and only then place your character in the proper place below. For names, it is prefered to have names that relate to water and the ocean, or water flowers, however other names are welcome.

Role Played Center is Marine Warriors.


Right now only Oceanstar has been leader.


The first deputy was Clawsplash this his death. Windtail took over as the new deputy.

Medicine Cat

The first Medicine Cat was Lilytail. After she was kill, Rosepad became the new Medicine Cat.

OceanClan Members

Leader: Oceanstar – a light silver she-cat with pale blue eyes (This cat is available)

Deputy: Windtail – a grey and white tom with yellow eyes (Played by Aniju Aura)

Medicine Cat: Rosepad – black and white she-cat with yellow eyes (This cat is available)

Warrior (Toms and she-cats without kits)

Seafoot – a mottle gray tom with blue eyes (Played by Sir Rock)

Shellfur – pale baige she-cat with blue eyes (This cat is available)

Splashpelt – pale gray, almost white, tabby she-cat with darker, swirly stripes (Played by User:Shimmer the Wolf

Bubblepelt – a tortoiseshell she-cat with golden eyes and a white chest and paws (This cat is available)

Apprentice (More than six moons old training to become warrior)

Boulderpaw – a dark brown tabby tom with green eyes (This cat is available)

Pebblepaw – a brown tabby she-cat with white paws and amber eyes (This cat is available)

Rockpaw – a rusty tom with green eyes (This cat is available)

Queens (She-cat expecting or nursing kits)

Sandpelt – a sand colored she-cat with green eyes (Mother to Moonkit and Sunkit) (Played by Aniju Aura)

Elders (Retired toms and Queens)


Kits (Less then six moons)

Moonkit –a black she-cat with a white chest an paws (Played by Silverstar10)

Sunkit – a flutty yellow tom (Played by Aniju Aura)

All Known Members

A list of former members, gone to SpiritClan or have left the group.

Burnedheart – a black tom with yellow eyes, joined NightClan

Clawsplash a light ginger tom who was blind, lives in SpiritClan

Lilytail - white she-cat with silver stripes, pink mottled speckles, and dark blue eyes.

Riverheart –a pale blue tabby she-cat with silver dappled spots and dark blue eyes (Played by Dawningpaw)

Wavetail – a deep brown tom with sea-green eyes, older brother of Puddlekit (Played by 1LugiaLover)

Brightlegs - light-grey she-cat with small dark grey speckles and black stripes (Played by Brightlegs)

Icetalon – a dark grey tom with light grey paws (Played by Icetalon3)

Waterfur – a silver she-cat with blue eyes (Played by MikuHatsune)

Puddlefoot – a roan blue she-kit younger sister of Wavetail (Played by 1LugiaLover)

Mapleflower – beautiful tortishell she-cat with bright blue eyes (Played by Shadeflower)

Shadepetal - black she-cat with brilliant blue eyes (Played by Shadeflower)

Flowerwish - Light brown she-cat with a dark brown tail (Played by Icetalon3)

Weedwhiskers – an old grey tom with white paws and chest who blind grey eyes

Saltyfur – a pale peach she-cat with blue eyes, oldest cat in OceanClan

Tidesplash – a dark blue tom with green eyes (Played by Lion blaze)


OcceanClan's main rivals are IceClan. Thier other rivals are MetalClan and JungleClan.


OcceanClan live on the sandy shores of a beach near a cliff. They hunt birds, lizards, fish and other small animals. Their camp is located on a sand dune and is sheilded by bamboo and palm trees. There is a stump located to one end of the camp where the Leader gives commands. The Warriors' Den is located under a cluster fo bamboo while the Apprientces' Den is an hole wooden barrel covered in most and grass. The Nursery is in-between two palm trees with a wall of bamboo to the back end. It is covered by falled bamboo sticks. The Leader's Den and Medicine Cat Den are located right next to each other in the bamboo. A small stream of water dribbled through the camp providing the Clan with fresh water.

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