Oceanstar MasterClan
Clan(s) SeaClan
Gender She-cat
Rank Masterstar
Basic Info
Parents Duskfur and Grasspelt
Litter-Mate(s) Seahorse
Mate(s) Crookedfin(formerly), Stormwind
Children Shadeflower, Brookpaw,Lilypaw, Willowpaw, Waterwhisper, and Mistywater
Apprentice(s) Lilywhisker, Hopelight, Wishpeace

History Edit

Before OceanClan Edit

Ocean was a young kit and she was left behind along with her sister Seahorse by her parents, Duskfur and Grasspelt, when RiverClan moved to the lake.

She survived and they met Splash, Ripple, Minnow, Island, Palm, and Coconut, also abandoned RiverClan kits. They became SeaClan and heralded their ability to swim. Thereforth, the Clan's founders have RiverClan blood.