Oceanstar OceanClan
Clan(s) OceanClan
Basic Info
Parents Sandy and Surfer
Litter-Mate(s) Sunset
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) Surfer
Apprentice(s) None

Oceanstar is roleplayed by Smoketail88.


Oceanstar is the leader of OceanClan. She is a light grey she-cat with yellow eyes. Her mother was a kittypet named Sandy and her father was a stay cat named Surfer. She had on litter-mates sister named Sunset. Ocean was her kit name. She loved the water unlike her mother and sister. So she moved out of the twoleg's home with her father who tought her how to live on the beach. As she grew older she gathered all the stay cats who lived on the beacha nd former her Clan OceanClan where she became leader. Her deputy became Clawsplash and her Medicine Cat becane Lilytail. One of her most trusted warriors is Windtail. She discovered her warriors in MetalClan territory with a stranger. They ran back to OceanClan territory and soon Clawsplash was captured and taken to live at a twolegs' home. She wanted to save her deputy so she went to go find him by herself knowing their was a killer on the loose. She ran into Windtail, Clawsplash and the killer. Seafoot, another OceanClan warrior, came after Windtail and with Hawkpaw's help, they managed to keep the cat killer away from Clawsplash and Oceanstar. The killer ran off after another twoleg appeared. Oceanstar woke up later in her den back at OceanClan. Then a group of rats attacked the camp. Windtail, Seafoot and Sandpelt carried away the helpess kits to a safe place leaving Oceanstar and the rest of her warrior to battle the rats.


Mother: Sandy

Father: Surfer

Sister: Sunset



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