Founders Onyx
Current Stats
Current Leader Scorchnix
Current Deputy Snarltooth
Current Medicine Cat Sharpbite
Warrior(s) Snakestrike, Ebonyfur, Tallstride, Sharpeye, Sandpelt, Stormclaw, Tidetrap, Highwater
Apprentice(s) Slickling, Shadowling, Darkling, Bloodling
Kick, Scratch, Nip Kick, Scratch, Nip
None None
Owner Mythies123
OnyxClan was created by Mythies123. Do not steal the names, members, or concepts, please!

NOTE: Being a very violent and generally bloodthirsty Clan, OnyxClan has many traditions that involve bloodletting. If you are bothered by this, please do not read the ceremonies section.

ANOTHER NOTE: While OnyxClan practices bloodletting, they are not self mutilating/Satanic/etc. When a cat gives some blood to NixClan, it is a carefully executed, clean cut, done by a medicine cat who knows exactly what they are doing. They do not have some sort of mental disease/creepy cult religion that makes them do this, it is just their way of showing respect to their ancestors. They do not in any way force a cat to do this; the cat does it of their own will.

Description Edit

OnyxClan is not like the other Clans, not at all. They do not worship StarClan, they do not follow the traditional warrior code, and they live in isolation from other cats, underground. They are known for being harsher, more violent than the other Clans, but so much more cunning. They run the sea caves when the tide is low, running a race against time, for they know that any cat in the deep caves when the tide rises will be delivered, oh so slowly, to NixClan.

Differed Methods and Nix Code Edit

Name Structure- For warriors, the names are the same; a two-part name with characteristics of the cat, the first part given at birth, the second part given at the warrior ceremony. However, instead of operating as usual (Scorchkit --> Scorchpaw --> Scorchfire --> Scorchstar), it has a different set of name suffixes (Scorch --> Scorchling --> Scorchfire --> Scorchnix). The kit name is a single word, the 'paw name is suffixed with "ling", the warrior name is the same, and a leader's name is suffixed with "nix" instead of "star", because, instead of StarClan, OnyxClan worships NixClan.

Ceremonies- Being more violent than other Clans, OnyxClan does several ceremonies differently.

Beginning Ceremony- When a kit reaches eight moons (OnyxClan makes a kit an apprentice at eight moons instead of six, it is believed to make the kit more impatient and therefore more eager), at the lowest tide of the moon, the Clan processes down the sea caves, to the deepest of all, only above water by lowest tide, the Nix Cavern. There, the medicine cat will carefully draw a long, but shallow, slash through the left shoulder of the new member. The cat will allow their blood to drip onto the sand, as a sort of offering to NixClan. The wound is then "cleansed" in the salt water cave pools, and the leader will say a prayer to NixClan as the wound is treated by the medicine cat. The cat is then assigned a name ending in "-ling" and a mentor and their training begins.

If a cat doesn't think they are ready, then they will remain a kit until they see themselves as ready. If a cat refuses altogether, they have two choices: To stay with OnyxClan as a low-ranking, sort of probationary member, or to leave OnyxClan forever, no questions asked, no grudges held.

Initiation Ceremony- When an apprentice's training is seen as complete, they are brought back to the Nix Cavern at lowest tide. This is considered a very brutal ceremony by other Clans, even straight barbaric. The cat is given herbs of strength and stamina, to help with the pain. Then, the medicine cat will, like the first time, cut a scratch, this time across the mark from before, to signal the cat has finished training. Then, one by one, the leader, deputy, and medicine cat together will carefully cut shallow scratches on the cat's flanks, back, and shoulders. The more cuts the cat can endure, the stronger and more loyal they are considered. Like before, the cat will allow the blood to drip onto the sand, and once more, their wounds will be washed in the salt water of the cave while the leader prays to NixClan. Then, the cat will be receive their warrior name in the...

Warrior Naming Ceremony- The cat, in the Nix Cavern, just after their initiation ceremony, will stand facing the inky water of the pools. They will lean down to drink, only a few drops, of the salt water, and they will concentrate hard upon themselves, what they are, and what they want to be. They will receive a short message from NixClan, after which they will know their warrior name. They will announce it to the Clan, and the cat is now a full member of OnyxClan.

Death Ceremony- This is argued by outside cats to be both the most brutal and the most merciful of OnyxClan ceremonies. If a cat is too sick, hurt, or old to live (a desicion made by the dying cat him/herself), then the cats of OnyxClan will bore their dying clanmate to Blackpool, a massive underground whirlpool. The cat will be made as comfortable as possible, and their friends and family will say their farewells. The dying cat will consume bloodthorn, a poisonous plant that causes a sleep-like, painless death. The cats will sit vigil around their fallen companion until the tide rises, and they will leave the body to be carried away by the foaming waters of Blackpool, to NixClan.

Nix Code- The cats of OnyxClan have a code, similar to the traditional warrior code. However, their's is different.

Code 1- No cat shall enter the Nix Cavern unless for a ceremony, then only at lowest tide. (Not only is it dangerous, but it is highly disrespectful of NixClan as well.)

Code 2- Only cats with explicit permission from a deputy or leader may travel to the surface, then only to catch prey or patrol.

Code 3- If a cat refuses to take an initiation ceremony will either continue to be with the Clan, as a highly dishonored cat, or they must leave and never return.

Code 4- All cats must be loyal to NixClan. A cat who defiles or denies NixClan will be exiled.

Code 5- No cat may fight another cat over petty matters. A fight will only happen when an official challenge is declared.

Gladiator Fights- One might look at the name and think of bloody, to-the-death battles. However, the gladiator fights are actually not very brutal at all. Here are the rules:

  1. Cats may only fight if both parties agree. Forcing a cat to fight is a violation of the rules.
  2. Apprentices may fight only other apprentices. Kits may not fight at all.
  3. A leader, deputy, or medicine cat has the right to call out a stop. If this happens, all fighting must stop immediately.
  4. If one cat surrenders, the other must stop fighting and step back immediately.
  5. The first cat to draw blood is the official victor. However, the fight may continue if the two cats wish.
  6. The leader will say, "By the power of NixClan, I, (name), leader of OnyxClan, declare this fight to begin." at the start of the fight. At the end of the fight, the leader will say, "The cats of OnyxClan have stretched their claws and unleashed their fighting blood to please NixClan. I, (name), leader of OnyxClan, declare this fight to be over."

Territory Edit

Camp- OnyxClan's camp is chilly and wet, full of salt-spray from the deeper ocean caves. OnyxClan cats have thick, waterproof fur to combat this, but still, their fur is always slick with water and stiff with salt. The camp is a wide, round cave of craggy rock, with slants of light wavering from small cracks in the ceiling.

Upper Tunnels- These tunnels are higher up on the sea cliff and do not flood with water at the turn of the tide. Small animals make nests there, like bats or sand mice, and as such it is a plentiful hunting area.

Deep Tunnels- The lower tunnels, far down inside the cliff, are usually full of water. The only safe time to explore them is in the days of lowest tide, and even then, twisting tunnels, falling rock, strange riptides, and other dangers make them treacherous.

Surface- OnyxClan owns a small strip of surface territory along the cliff. There are plentiful birds and mice, but the bright, flat, sandy land is as alien to OnyxClan as the surface of the moon.

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