It is dark, darker then usual at this time of night. A soft and gentle breeze rustles the grass and leaves on the tall trees. It is silent, so silent you think nothing is alive except the moorland itself, but then a faint yowl is heard. "You are doing wonderful Blackclaw, one more push," says a voice. Out of the darkness comes more yowls, each louder and much worse then the first and disrupts the peaceful quietness of the Forest. "Congratulations, Blackclaw, you are a mother of three healthy kits," says a tortoiseshell and white cat and amber eyes. "Thank you Spottedleaf," says another voice. A light orange and white cat with green eyes padds in and says, "They are beautiful, Blackclaw, they have your wonderful eyes." "Thank you, Redpelt," says an all black she-cat with yellow eyes and short stumps for ears, "I hope they grow up to be just like their father." She points to a greyish blackish kit, "This one is Nightkit," She points to a flame colored kit with white paws, "This one is Flamekit," And she points to a black kit witha brown belly with a black snout, "And this one is Mosskit." "Such wonderful names, they will grow up to be fine warriors one day," Redpelt replies. The two cats rub noses while the new-born kits suckle. Blackclaw looks down and sees a kit with black on it's back and a brown underbelly with a large snout and is bigger then it's litter mates. I hope no one notices this, Blackclaw thinks, They will then find out that I am Shadowclan, they will run me out for sure! They musn't find out; but she is the only one who does look like a Shadowclan cat. Maybe i can dispose of her and blame it on a fox, so then no one will think the worst? Yes, it is for the best. The night grows silent and the breeze returns, whistling a soothing melodie to the sleeping kittens and the clan.

Chapter OneEdit

As early Morning creeps over the forest, the whole clan is stirring to see their new apprentice. A drop of dew splashes onto Mosskits' face and wakes her up with a start. Blackclaw comforts her by curling her tail around the young kit and purring. Even though Mosskit loves her mother with her whole life, she is very lonely. Her brother and sister didn't survive when Clawface attacked the nursery, since they tried to help the kits and insted got killed. Mosskit shudders of the memory and snuggles closer to her mother. Redpelt pads in and gives Blackclaw a mouse. He looks at Mosskit and asks, "What is wrong, Mosskit? Do you not like mice?" Blackclaw says, "Maybe she's turning into a mouse herself." "I am not! I am going to be the best warrior this clan will ever see!" Mosskit retorts. The big kit gets to her paws and is about to walk out of the nusery, when she is pulled back by her mothers strong paw. "Not yet, little warrior, even heroes need their rest." "Awww! But i want to go see the Forest now! It's not fair how come im the biggest kit in here and im still not an apprentice yet," Mosskit complains. "In time, little one, in time you will show the clan that you are powerful," Redpelt says. Mosskit nodds and curls up next to her mother. Blackclaw gives her a few comforting licks and rests her head against her paws. Redpelt sits down and asks her, "You're not going to eat your mouse?" "I'm not hungry right now, i'll go eat after I go on a hunting patrol," Blackclaw replies. Before Redpelt can reply, Bluestar yowls for him and he padds off to join a border patrol.

Chapter TwoEdit

A few hours later, Blackclaw gets up and is about to padd off, when suddenly she hears, "Can I come, too?" behind her. She turns around and sees Mosskit looking up at her with big eyes. She padds up to her and says,"Yes, but stay close to me, ok? I'm going to show you a little bit of the forest." Mosskit jumps up in delight and follows her mother through the entrence and out into the Forest. They pass a big holly bush and some bracken, while Mosskit stares at it all through slits. "When are we going to get to the food, mother?" Mosskit asks. "Almost there, dear, almost there." When they get to a deep part of the forest, Blackclaw looks around, then turns toward Mosskit. "Now, remember when you want to learn some battle moves?" Mosskit nodds in delight. "Well, here is one that is very easy to do." Blackclaw unsheathes her claws and raises her paw. Mosskit stares at her shakingly and says, "M-m-mother? Aren't you supposed to k-keep your claws s-sheathed?" Blackclaw growls, "I know." and claws Mosskit's face. Mosskit tumbles back and yowls for help, as Blackclaw grabs her by the scruff and claws her face again. Mosskit kicks free and runs to a nearby bush. As the world is darking, she gives one last yowl as loud as she can before she collapses. She fights to keep the blackness out of her fading vision eyes as she sees the outline of a black shadow creeping closer and closer and raise their claw filled paw, about to do the fatel strike. "Goodnight, forever, Mosskit." She hears the pounding of paws getting louder and louder, as Bluestar, Tigerclaw, Greypaw and Lionheart burst out from behind a bush. As she fights to hear everything the cats are saying, she makes out one sentende, "She followed me while I went out hunting and cut her eyes deep in some thorns. I tried to help her, but her vision..." As Mosskit closes her eyes, she swears; Starclan as my witness, you will die for this Blackclaw, for you will never be my mother.

Chapter ThreeEdit

Everything is dark, so dark that Mosskit cannot even see her own paws. As the runs through this endless forest, she hears a faint growl, "Goodnight forever, Mosskit..." She stops to face her foe, but doesn't see anyone, yet feels a presence. Before she can turn around, something pins her down. She claws at it, but doesn't feel anything. As she tries again, something pins her paws down and she can't move. As she yowls for help, one raised claw shines in the darkness, ready to give the fatel blow. As she she struggles to move, something touches her shoulder. She moves her head side to side yet can't see anything. "It is ok, young cat, it is just me, Yellowfang," says a voice. She turns around yet all she sees is darkness. "W-where am I?" Is all she can say. "You are in the medicine den, young one," says another voice. "A-A-Am I a-alive?" She asks. "Yes, but you have to rest." She looks side to side and says, "Why can't I see anything?" Silence, and then, "Your wounds were to much for herbs to heal, so now you are..." Yellowfang trails off. Mosskit gasps and tries to run out of her nest, but trips. As she lies on her stomach. waiting for someone to just kill her, someone padds up to her and helps her up. She smells the cats scent and smells Blackpaw, an apprentice just two moons older then her. "You don't act diffrent. Just because you can't see dosen't mean you still can't be a warrior, Mosspaw," he says. She looks at him and tilts her head. "I didn't know I was an apprentice. How long was I like that? Who is my mentor?" " You were unconcious for a few days, but we still gave you an apprentice ceremony. Lionheart's your mentor, too, you get the chance to be mentored by the deputy, what an honor." As Blackpaw leads Mosspaw out of the medicine den into the apprentice den, Mosspaw looks behind her and smells Blackclaw and Lionheart. "I already told you, she followed me to go hunting. Do you really believe I did this to her to kill her?" Blackclaw spits. Lionheart growls and says," I never said that, but if that is what you think-" "I know what happened to my own kit! If you don't believe me, go ask the blind kit herself!" Blackclaw growls and padds off to the warrior den. Lionheart stares at her then catches Mosspaw's gaze. Blackclaw rests his tail on her shoulder and leads her into the apprentice den to sleep.

Chapter FourEdit

Early morning brings new beginings, and before Lionheart, Mosspaw, Blackpaw, and his mentor, Longtail, go on a hunting patrol, it actually is the begining of the end. Mosspaw is enjoying a good, plump, mouse when Blackpaw pads up to her and says, "Can I eat with you? If you don't mind." "Sure," she replies, and he gets a vole and starts eating. When she's done eating her mouse, she sits up and starts grooming herself, when she feels Blackpaws gaze stinging into her pelt. She looks at him and asks, "What? Something on my fur?" He shakes his head and replies, "It's just... you look diffrent, now that you're blind and all." She digs her claws into the dirt and growls, "Diffrent as in how?" He pauses then says, "Your um fur, it's... more brighter then before. I uh sort of like it that way." She stops, stares at him for a second, then lays down. Does he like me? She thinks, He never acted this way before when i could see. "Is it because you feel pity on me?" "No," he says, "I just I like your fur like that, that's all." Before she can say anything, Lionheart calls her and Blackpaw to go on a hunting patrol with him and Longtail, Blackpaws mentor. They both pad off into the Forest, Lionheart and Longtail in the front, with Mosspaw and Blackpaw at the rear. When they're about to get to a clearing, her paw falls into a small hole and she yowls, "OW! Mousedung!" Lionheart stops and the rest of the patrol come running toward her. As she staggers out of the hole and licks her paw, Longtail snorts, "Get a move on, Mosspaw, we don't have all day, here. By the time your done the prey will be in their dens." Lionheart gives him a warning glance, while Blackpaw lets her rest on his shoulder and guide her back to camp to rest. Before they get into camp, she says, "You know, you don't have to help me like a lost kit. It's just a sprained paw, nothing serious." He looks at her and replies, "I know." and they continue to the apprentice den. She lays down in her nest, grumbling that she can't even hunt,as longas she can't see. "You're going to do fine," Blackpaw reassurs her, "Just make sure you feel the ground before making another step forward." He gives her a few licks and pads off to join Lionheart and Longtail before she can say anything. She lays her head down and sleeps.

Chapter FiveEdit

The next day, Mosspaw wakes up to smell Blackpaw's body sleeping soundly next to her. Shenudges him awake and asks him, "And may I ask why you were sleeping next to me?" He looks at her and replies, "I just thought I could give you some company is all." A moment of silence and she lays her head back down to rest, seconds later feeling his head on hers. She stands up and says, "Do you like me?" He blinks and asks, "Why?" "Just answer the question." Blackpaw gets up and says, "Answer mine." "I don't need someone hovering over me like I'm helpless. I can pretty much take care of myself." "Fine, I thought I could at least help you calm down from your trauma. I pitied you, but now I think all you are and forever will be is a selfish kit." Before Mosspaw can say anything, Blackpaw angrily pads off to the fresh kill pile and stuffs a sparrow in his mouth. Stunned, Mosspaw is about to go apoligize when she hears Lionheart call her name. She pads over to him and asks, "Yes, Lionheart?" "I want you, Longtail, me and Blackpaw to go on another hunting patrol. This time be more careful about where you put your paws, ok?" Mosspaw nodds and gives him a fake smile while he calls Longtail and Blackpaw for the patrol. While they walk out of camp, she feels Blackpaws gave burning into her pelt. "Why are you staring at me?" she says. "I am watching your paws for you," he replies. "But you're staring at my face. My paws are on the ground." He stops and says, "Why do you have to be such a mousebrain! I didn't even do anything bad to you yet you treat me like this! Sometimes I wish you were the one that was dead instead of the others." She stops and is about to pounce when she feels Lionhearts tail on her back. "That's enough out of you two. We came to hunt and thats what we're going to do." Longtail snorts and they keep on walking. When they get back to camp, Lionheart caught a squirrel, Longtail a water vole, Blackpaw a mouse and Mosspaw two voles. When she puts her prey on the fresh kill pile, she smells Blackclaw and growls. Blackpaw puts his tail in her mouth and says, "Stop it, you'll cause a scene." She spits out some fur and grunts, "Least I know an enemy when I see one." "You can't see, remember?" She snorts and padds to Sunning Rocks and sleeps.

Chapter SixEdit

The cats circle each other, watching and waiting for one to make a move. Suddenly, one pounces, but misses. The cat gives it's opponent a irritated growl and rams it against a tree. It raises it's claw filled paw, ready to give the final blow, when it hears a yowl behind it. The cat turns around and gets pinned down by the other cat. "Get off me you mouse brain!" says the pinned down cat. "Untill you apoligize for almost killing me," the other cat grunts. "I'll show you apoligizing!" The cat twists itself and pins the other cat by a tree again. It snaps at it's neck and is about to kill it but hears a, "Mosspaw! Let him go!" She stares at the cat, growling and snaping her teeth closer and closer to it's neck, when Lionheart rams her off him. Longtail pads towards them and helps Blackpaw up. Mosspaw staggers up and blinks and sees Blackpaw, Longtail, and Lionheart staring at her. Is Starclan letting me see what I did? Or almost did? she thinks. "You will clean out the elders' dens, make sure there's no ticks on them, and clean the nursery for four days," Lionheart tells her while they pad back to camp. She keeps her head down and growls low when they get into camp, and hears an apprentice named Bushpaw talking to Blackpaw next to the apprentice den. "Did she give you any wounds or anything?" Bushpaw asks. "No, unless you call a nasty scratch on my shoulder from when she pinned me down, then yes," he replies back. Great, now the mousebrain is talking about me to the whole dang clan, what next, at the Gathering? She padds to the medicine den and gets some fresh moss for the elder dens and mousebile. She gets to enter the elder den, when she feels Bushpaw push her. She falls and spills the moss and mousebile on her. "Oops," the she-cat sneers, "I didn't see you there." Mosspaw brushes the moss and mousebile off of her and feels Blackpaws gaze. She goes to the elder den and starts to clean out one, when she hears another apprentice named Brownpaw sneer, "Hey look, Bushpaw, the blind cat is cleaning the elder dens! Next she'll be treating our wounds!" "Be careful," Bushpaw says, "She may try to kill us!" Her fur bristles and pads toward them. "You know, even if i become a medicine cat, least i'll treat my clanmates better then you ever will. I hope Bluestar didn't hear you guys say that, though." Bushpaw and Brownpaw share a look and look up at Highstones to see Bluestar staring straight at them with Lionheart right next to her. They pad off to the epparentice den and talk silently. Mosspaw snorts and mutters, "Mousebrained kitty pets with fleas." She continues to clean the elder den then goes to the apprentice den to sleep.

Chapter SevenEdit

Mosspaw is running, running free of everything and everyone. "Finally!" she exclaims, "No rules to follow, no warriors to pester me, and most of all, no-!" She cuts herself off when she feels something prod her in the side. "Wake up," she hears, "You got to come on a hunting patrol. Wake up already." Blackpaw. She blinks and then is covered by darkness again. Blind. Again. She reconizes Blackpaw's voice and staggers up. "Come on, get a move on," he nudges her, "I don't want to be late while trying to get you up." She snorts. Good Morning to you, too, she thinks. They both pad to their mentors, and get ready to leave, when Blackclaw yowls, "Wait for me!" Mosspaw wirles around and gives a low growl. Blackpaw silences her by putting his tail in her mouth. "What is wrong?" Lionheart asks. "I want to go hunt with you, the pile is small and I don't want to spend all my time in a cramped up camp." Lionheart gives Longtail a look and he just shrugs and he flicks his tail for Blackclaw to join them. They pad out of camp, with Lionheart, Longtail, and Blackclaw in lead and the apprentices in the back. "Longtail showed me how to make my opponent off balence with a flick of my paw," Blackpaw whispers in her ear. How long was I asleep? she wonders. Before they get any further in the Forest, Mosspaw hears a hollow wind going in something hollow and coming out. A cave, perfect for something, or someone to slowly die in. And then hide the body... "Blackclaw!" she yowls as she speads up next to her mother, "While I was out hunting one day, i found a cave. I didn't see if anything was in it, but i smelt a stale scent of badger. Can you come with me to make sure?" Blackclaw is about to answer, when Lionheart pads up to them and says, "Maybe i should come, too, if it is a badger I wouldn't want my apprentice and a good warrior dead because they're exploring a cave." "It is only big enough for two cat's, but I'll give you a yowl if there is trouble I promise. Lionheart looks at Blackclaw, then Mosspaw then nodds and flicks his tail for the others to follow him to continue on with the patrol. Before he dissappears in a bush, he turns around and yells, "When you're done, go directly back to camp, ok?" Blackclaw and Mosspaw both nodd and Blackclaw follows Mosspaw. Now, Blackclaw, time for my claws to take effect...

Chapter EightEdit

As they get closer to the cave, Blackclaw gets uneasy. "Are you sure there is the scent of badger in there? That could be a fox, you know," she says with her voice shaky. Oh, come on! You're acting like your a kit and meeting your first badger! What kind of warrior acts like a coward? "It's a badger, I know what they smell like," she retorts without looking up. She feels against a wall and feels rocky, hard stone. We're here. "That crack is where I smelt it. Can you go see if it is, first?" Blackclaw hesitates first, then slowly walks into the cave. She looks around, but doesn't smell anything. Mosspaw goes into her hunting crouch and lowly growls, "Yes, yes one more step." Blackclaw slowly backs out of the cave, "I don't smell or see anything. Maybe it moved somewh-" She cuts off when Mosspaw pounces and lunges for her neck. She ducks and crawls for a nearby bush, but is dragged back by Mosspaw pulling onto her leg. She pins her down and Blackclaw's yowl of help is cut short with a swift and deadly bite to her neck. Direct hit. Her body goes limp, but even then Mosspaw doesn't let go. She lays the body down and sniffs it, then growls, "You diserved this, Blackclaw, for your trechory you are better off in Starclan." Even with the life sucked out of her and is limp, her body is very heavy. Mosspaw strains, but drags her into camp. She lays her dead body next to the fresh kill pile and yowls for Bluestar. She padds out of her den and stops in her tracks, staring straight at Blackclaws lifeless body. Bluestar slowly yowls and everyone pokes their heads out of their dens, to come running and staring at the dead cat. They all stare at the body even when Lionheart, Longtail, and Blackpaw come padding through the entrence, their jaws filled with prey. Lionheart is the fiirst to notice and stops dead and drops his prey with his jaw hanging open. Slowly, he padds to Mosspaw and slowly replies, "How did this happen?" "Someone killed her," Mosspaw says. "Who?" Mosspaw looks upp at him and replies, "Me."

Chapter NineEdit

Lionheart looks from the black lump of fur, then back at Mosspaw, then back again. Redpelt comes from the warrior den and sees everyone crowded over something. He padds over to them asking, "What's going on? What's wrong?" He pushes out of the way of everyone and looks down, to meet the gaze of his dead mate. He doesn't look up to hear Lionheart yell to Bluestar that Mosspaw killed Blackclaw. Bluestar jumps down and walks to the dead cat. "We will burry her body at the Great Oak," is all she can reply. "She is the one that almost killed me," Mosspaw says. Everyone looks up at the young cat and just stare at her. Tigerclaw gives her a smirk and padds next to her. "I never trusted Blackclaw from the begining," he says, "Why else would Mosspaw be blind now?" "Be quiet," Redpelt growls. Tigerclaw looks at him through astonished eyes. "What did you say?" he asks. "Be quiet," Redpelt repeats. He looks up and Mosspaw and says through gritted teeth, "You will pay for this, even if it takes every breath of my body, you will pay." Blackpaw padds next to Mosspaw, but shakes his head and goes to the apprentice den, with Bushpaw following him. Redpelt breaks the silence by growling, "Bluestar, exile her now." Tigerclaw stands up and says, "Why? She obviously did this because the cat almost killed her. If Blackclaw did that to her as a kit she would've done it before she became a warrior." Redpelt growls louder, "Exile her now!" Mosspaw looks up at her father and is about to cry, when Bluestar says, "If it's for the best. Who objects to this?" Silence. "Any agree?" They all stand up and growl. "Fine," Bluestar padds toward Tigerclaw and Lionheart, "Escort her out please, Mosspaw is now not a member of Thunderclan, forever more." Mosspaw looks at her, stunned. "But-" she begins. Bluestar gives her a warning growl and padds to her den and dissappears. Lionheart nudges her up and escorts her out of camp. Before she goes out of camp, she yowls, "Blackpaw! Blackpaw help me!" He stands up to follow the apprentice, but Bushpaw gives him a look and he sits back down. I'm sorry, his look she shoots her tells. Some tears fall on the hard ground and she faces Redpelt. "I maybe a murderur, but you know what I did was the right thing. You will die by my claws, Redpelt, i'll make sure of it." Redpelt growls then puts his nose in his mates fur. This isn't the end...