Owlheart AirClan
Clan(s) AirClan
Basic Info
Parents Windflight and Airstar
Litter-Mate(s) Oakleaf
Mate(s) Hollypelt
Children Foxkit and Buckkit
Mentor(s) Harrypelt
Apprentice(s) Ratpaw


Owlkit was born in AirClan along with his sister Oakkit. His mother was Windflight and his father was Airstar. The two kits grew fast and often played with their friends Hollykit and Bramblekit who were three moons older than them. Rainfur gave birth to three kits named Acornkit and Oakkit. Four moons after Owlkit was born. Hollykit and Bramblekit became apprentice and were called Hollypaw and Bramblepaw. Owlkit kept calling them kit instead of paw the first few weeks. He finally remembered to call them paw though it took him awhile to get used to it. Soon he and his brother got their apprentices names too.


Owlpaw got the mentor named Harrypelt. His siter Oakpaw became the medicine cat Mouseface' apprentice. Owlpaw hardly saw his sister after that. He trained with Bramlepaw and Hollypaw and their mentors. Rainfur's kits soon became apprentices too. The deputy Pineclaw died bravely in battle, and was Rainfur's mate. Airstar made Rainfur deputy in his honor. Soon Oakpaw got her Medicine Cat name Oakleaf. Owlpaw got his warriors name a few moons after Hollypelt and Bramblefur.


Owlheart grew to be a smart and thoguhful warrior. He alwas thoguth things threw. Owlheart became Hollypelt's mate and they had two kits named Foxkit and Buckkit. Soon after being a warrior for five moons he got one of Fangtooth's kits as his apprentice. His apprentice was Ratpaw. Owlheart's Airstar died of old age and Rainfur became Rainstar. She named Fangtooth deputy since she was done nursing her kits. Windflight became an elder along with Harrypelt. Mousefcae retired and soon pass on in hs sleep. Oakleaf became the full Medicine Cat of AriClan. Owlheart is still in the AriClan and is still Ratpaw's mentor.


Mother: Windflight

Father: Airstar


Daughter: Fowkit

Son: Buckkit



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